How Children Are Able to Build Self Esteem Through Sports?


There are many ways for children to interact with one another and a favourite activity that they do is sports. It’s easy for children to love almost every kind of sports. If parents are able to guide their children, they will find that children will want to try any sports that are available in the area. As an example, children as small as six can happily play softball that is modified based on the characteristics of small children. Many parents argue that their children are too clumsy, slow and chubby. They are eager to ensure that their children are active in sports, so they will have better activity level. Some children may not quite fit the mold, but with proper coaching technique; it’s possible for them to have a fighting chance. Parents and coaches should know how outcast children feel.

It is important that parents and coaches are able to help children to fit in. They need to be able to find their strengths and they need external helps to hone their internal capabilities. Children need to realize their strengths, so they can become more confident. Some children get used to be jeered at, so it would boost their confidence if friends start to cheer for them. Off the field, they will become more acknowledged and respected. Children should be assured that they have something to offer to everyone. They need to feel larger, better and bigger than ever. By playing sports, children will be able to be put in the crowd. Children will have a huge sense of pride when they are accepted as a part of the team. This will encourage them to achieve much more.

It is quite common for a sports team to be comprised of popular and not so popular children. However, coaches should emphasize that once children step on the field, they are equal and important. Children should think that they are “somebody” and it’s a good thing if children could feel that sports are the place where they can really fit in. Some of these timid children could be transformed into tough athletes and this will have significant effects during their adulthood. Children can’t be intimidated easily and they know how to deal with real life opponents, instead of avoiding them. They will become a proud member of the sports team and they will develop significant confidence. Children could find their own capabilities and strong points. As an example, a child could develop into a very fast runner, while another could become a strong and accurate hitter.

Many children are able to find their strengths, if they are mentored by highly supportive coaches. Each child should believe that they are part of something bigger. They will be able to hold their heads high, when they develop the proper confidence. It is important for boys and girls to feel really good about themselves. They will know that they are able to do many things, not only in sports and other areas of life as well.