How Off-Road Bikers Are Able to Maintain Their Focus?


For offroad bikers, there are unpredictable factors when they race on an off-road location. Wild and domesticated animals may suddenly jump on the road, potentially causing impacts and injuries. Because bikers are riding on two wheels at high speed, there’s no margin for error. A crash could potentially cause injuries and bikers may be hospitalized. When the weather is great, it’s the time for professional off-road bikers to convene in specific area for a race. It is the time for people to have a kind of camaraderie and bonding between them, regardless of their culture and language. They should share their passion for biking, while forming a close bond with everyone. Maintaining focus on a long off-road track can be challenging for bikers. The constant vibration can be severe enough as if bikers will have detached retina after riding for more than an hour. The stress placed upon our body can be quite controllable, but can also be incredible. The mental demands can also be quite large and offroad bikers need to be resilient.

Professional athletes see pressure and stress as challenges that can be used to improve themselves. Athletes should love challenges, because challenges are able to keep them going and fire them up.  They need to have a burning desire to achieve something and they need to be focused to reach their goals. Due to the constant concentration needed to succeed in off-road biking, you need to be highly focused. You need to have the right kind of emotional energy. Many people rely on adrenaline to boost their emotional energy. However, adrenaline could cause us to feel in a negative manner, such as having a fear. However, with adrenaline, we should be able to feel in the zone. By having proper focus, bikers will be in a state of heightened awareness, which is quite similar to the state hypnosis. This could happen when off road bikers are focused on what they are doing for a long period of time.  In fact, it can be a significant accomplishment if off road bikers are able to stay focused for an hour and a half.

Many other sports don’t require you to stay in the zone more than a few minutes. Compare this to soccer, which takes 90 minutes and most players actually have to be in the zone only for a few minutes. In fact, if off road bikers are not in the zone for only a few minutes, things can be dangerous because they may race down at close to 60mph and take blind corners at 40mph. They can’t afford having only a second of distraction. Burning desire should come from within, if they want to have proper focus. They should know what results to achieve and have the ability to see the end results. We will be able to have massive accomplishments by starting everything in our mind. Without focus, you are not only go around in circles, but you could also crash and tumble. Without passion, we may only run on half steam. Focus is an incredible empowering state. It is a moment when we are calm and have a completely heightened awareness.