How Athletes Should Choose Proper Shoes to Achieve Peak Performance?


If you want to perform well as an athlete, it is important that you have all the necessary equipments, including athletic shoes. Without good shoes, athletes will be bogged down and they won’t perform well. In fact, injuries are more likely to happen on people who don’t wear the right kinds of shoes. In general, shoes could last between 300 to 600 miles, depending on the intensity of the impact and type of surface. When you try new shoes, you should make sure that you can still maintain your normal gait. It is a good thing to check with shoes specialists to find the best types of shoes depending on the shape of your feet and your branch of sports. As an example, athletes with high arches should benefit a lot when using orthotic insole. In some cases, by having this type of modification, their Achilles’ tendonitis problem will go away. If athletes have Achilles’ problems, it is important to ensure that the calf muscles are properly strengthened and stretched.

Choosing the right shoes can be quite tricky. At first, they may feel comfortable, but after you undergo lengthy training sessions, you can start to feel some discomfort. If you experience tightness and slight pain in the feet, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask for replacement shoes. Although you need spend some extra money, having injuries and blisters on your feet will be an even worse condition, because you can’t perform well as an athlete. A good tip is to shop for shoes during the night, because our feet are slightly bigger at the end of the day. You shoes shouldn’t be a tight fit and there need to be about a finger’s width reserved at the front of your shoes. If you are not doing it properly, there’s a possibility that shoes you choose are actually half size too small. If this happens, you can have various feet problems. There should be some wiggle room inside your shoes to better spread the impact and shock.

Brand loyalty may play a significant factor when buy your shoes. However, if a brand and model seem to work well for you for years, then you should stick with it. There could be slight or big difference between brands, so if you decide to switch, you should make sure that you make the right decision. Shoes should also be laced properly and your typical shoes lacing style may not work well in highly intensive physical activities. As an example, you can have extra stability by lacing the top loop. When choosing shoes, you should also make sure that you get the right type of cushion. If you are a heavy individual, you need shoes with extra cushions that can absorb the impact, so it is much less likely for you to get injured due to repeated shocks. However, it would be detrimental for lighter individual to choose shoes with too much cushion, because this will affect the stability.