Visiting Maryland: 6 Amazing Spots to Go from Baltimore


Maryland occupies the east shore of the Atlantic Ocean and is known as one of the smallest states in terms of area. However, it’s still very famous not only in America, but also beyond its borders.

Maryland is very interesting from a tourist point of view – it features major resorts, with many historical and architectural attractions. The state capital is Annapolis, but the largest city is Baltimore. Those who want to travel around Maryland usually come to this city, as there is an opportunity to pick up a car from Payless rental at BWI Airport. So, where to go from Baltimore? Check out the following top-traveled destinations…

Deep Creek Lake State Park

Deep Creek Lake Discovery Center

(photo by Maryland Department of Natural Resources)

Deep Creek Lake is the whole natural complex where you can have a good rest: go boating, stay for a few days in a house on the lake, go fishing and just admire the magnificent nature.

As a rule, tourists stay in campsites, the cost of accommodation in which may vary depending on its location. The average price of accommodation is from $30 to $60 per night, plus an average parking fee of $10. If you stay in houses with full service, then the cost increases accordingly to $80-$200.

Address: 898 State Park Rd, Swanton, MD

Distance from Baltimore: 168 miles


US Naval Academy Museum

Model of the Whaler Charles W Morgan built in New Bedford Connecticut in 1841 and still afloat at Mystic Seaport CT

(photo by Mary Harrsch)

In Annapolis, there’s US Naval Academy Museum. It was opened in 1845, and its expositions are devoted to the history of the fleet, as well as the training of maritime specialists, including marines.

Entrance to the museum is completely free of charge and is open to visitors Monday through Saturday from 9am till 5pm, except for public holidays. In order to visit the museum, you must present an identity document.

Address: 118 Maryland Ave, Annapolis, MD

Distance from Baltimore: 32 miles


Fort Carroll

Fort Carroll - Patapsco River, Baltimore

(photo by 1sock)

Situated nearby Baltimore, Fort Carroll is a very interesting artificial island in the heart of the Chesapeake Bay. This gorgeous metal construction was both a checkpoint for vessels and a training facility for military needs.

Later, it turned out to be unnecessary, and was completely abandoned. However, then hundreds of offers appeared concerning its further applying. There were ideas to use it as a casino or prison, but all of them didn’t find their display in real life. Nowadays, Fort Carroll turned into the aviary for many thousands of birds.

Recently, it was planned to make a special zoo for birds on the area of the fort by building wooden pavements and establishing an eco-park there.

Address: Edgemere, MD

Distance from Baltimore: 17 miles


Maryland State Capitol

Annapolis, Maryland

(photo by Beth H)

In fact, this is the most historical U.S. building, continuously used for state needs. Also, it played the great role during the civil war. Its construction was begun in 1772 and was completed in a few years.

The main interior is made of wood and plaster, as well as marble. Guided tour around the Capitol is free of charge. However, donations for the maintenance of the building are recommended.

Address: 100 State Cir, Annapolis, MD

Distance from Baltimore: 35 miles


Ocean City

Streetside at Sunrise

(photo by Jon Scherff)

This is a very exotic resort city, where thousands of tourists come every year to enjoy the magnificent beaches and swim in the waters of the ocean. This lovely 25-kilometers-long sandy beach is the main attraction of this small resort town.

There are all opportunities for water sports, and children are offered amusement parks. Also, Ocean City attracts travelers with the boardwalk – a 5-kilometer-long wooden pedestrian promenade, with many cafes and restaurants where you can taste excellent seafood.

Excellent beaches and warm ocean water are the major features that tourists with children love, and therefore Ocean City is known as the №1 local family resort. The average cost of accommodation in a hotel ranges from $39 to $200 – this price usually includes breakfast, parking, and free Wi-Fi access.

Address: Ocean City, MD

Distance from Baltimore: 126 miles


The Awakening

The Awakening

(photo by mcfeelion)

Oxon Hill is among the top-traveled Maryland’s sights because of the famous Awakening sculpture. It’s an amazing visual formation illustrating a giant who suddenly woke up after sleep and convulsively trying to get to the surface from the underground and surprise those around him with its awesome scale and external view.

The statue’s author is John Johnson – a famous American sculptor. Despite the fact that his works are introduced all over the globe, the Awakening is among his most striking and stunning masterpieces.

The sculpture itself includes 5 individual details dug into the ground in a special way, which depict parts of a giant’s body. The whole construction is 30-meters-long. The fantastic statue was first installed on the banks of the Potomac River, thus sometimes being flooded with water, which made it look like Neptune.

Address: 153 National Plaza, Oxon Hill, MD

Distance from Baltimore: 54 miles