TOP 8 Road Trip Snacks for Kids: EAT and GO!


A road trip with your kids can be very exhausting! What is worse, it can be exhausting for everyone in the car. That’s a pity! Of course, Enterprise Guadalajara can better the situation. Kids need the most comfortable car for a long trip with enough space for luggage, pets, good sleep. You always spend long hours packing much stuff, books, toys, electronic helpers. What about snacks? Sure enough, you will make a stop at the road cafe to have dinner. But you need a pack of fresh treats for your passengers. Here the best road snack ideas for toddlers to make your next road trip easier!

Prepare Snack Bags for Each Kid

As a rule, kids have their own favorite thing they want to take. They prefer having their own travel bags with snacks and toys. That’s why try to learn what your kids like to eat the most and pack their favorites. Also, make them keep their trash in their own snack bag so you shouldn’t waste time for cleaning. Don’t worry. It is easy to divide snacks. Just buy a few lunch boxes and different backpacks with many sections. There are many shops where you can find ready-to-eat lunch for kids.

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  1. Crunchy

All kids like mouth-popping crunches. You can make a mix on your own. Just take your kid’s favorite salted nuts, almonds, wasabi peas. Ad some dried fruits, chips. You can find a ready-to-eat set or all needed ingredients in the shop. You can put it into the special package or lunch container.

  1. Food Tray

Everyone has an ice cube tray at home. You can fill it with all season berries and fruit slices you can find in the supermarket. Also, you can add some cheese, crackers, everything that can be cut to pieces. It must be very funny to eat fruits and berries from the personal tray. And no need to clean at all.

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  1. Mini Pizzas

All kids like eating pizza. Do you see a problem to eat pizza in the car? Sometimes, it’s all that your kids want! Just make the process of eating pizza easier by cutting down the portion. Make mini pizzas with your kid’s favorite toppings and enjoy it on the go.

Mini Pizza auf der runden Backform


  1. Water Bottles

Don’t forget to put water bottles when filling your kid’s snack bags. It can be a good idea to put those bottles into the special car cup holders for easy access. It is important to drink enough water when you are travelling in a hot weather.

  1. Vegetarian Nuggets

If your kids don’t like eating vegetables, try to make a variation of veggie nuggets. Just sneak some vegetables like carrots or broccoli into your kid’ssandwich. You can serve it hot or cold. It must be tasty and healthy.

  1. Popcorn

You can make some microwaved or bagged popcorn and pack it into the kid’s snack bag. Homemade popcorn is always tastier. You can make it sweet or salty, whatever your kids like.

  1. Cheese snacks

Do your kids like cheese? You have a big variety of cheese snacks! You can try cheese sticks. They are really healthy to eat and easy to pack and carry. Otherwise, you can buy your kids’ favorite cheese, cut it into pieces or straws and pack for each kid personally. If your journey is very long and you are traveling on a hot weather, you can put some ice all together with your cheese snacks to keep them safe.

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  1. Fruits

Definitely, you have to take much fruits with you. The most popular fruits to take on the road trip are bananas. You don’t even need a special container to carry them! But if you want, you can make a fast banana dessert by cutting banana into slices, adding some cocoa, nuts, and sprinkles. Is it healthy? Yes, of course!

Banana waffle with chocolate on plate


  1. Nuts

Nuts are the most popular snacks that all kids and adults like. Just make a little bag of nuts you can find in the supermarket. It can be a mix of almond nuts, peanuts, raisins. This snack can boost your energy, and add some protein to your brain. By the way, this is a good snack idea if your kids are not allergists. Otherwise, be careful with nuts, especially peanuts.

It is not difficult to choose a right snack for your family road trip. Eat light and stay hydrated. There are many interesting snack ideas in the internet. One way or another, start with what your kid likes. Then, you can pack a special snack bag with different treats mentioned above. If you don’t want to eat in the car you can make a stop and have a picnic in the forest, field, or at the seaside. Packing, never forget that your kids’ snacks should be tasty and healthy. Forget about fast food!