Four mobile apps that make your vacation more enjoyable

Young couple of tourist in town using mobile phone.

Experienced independent travelers know that preparing for the trip is a long-term process and should be approached with special responsibility. After the tickets for the trip are purchased and accommodation is found, tourists start collecting vital information about the place of travel. First, they look for ways to get from the airport to the hotel, then bit by bit, they find data on the work of public transport and the best tariffs for local mobile communication, then they select restaurants, find out details about the main sights and read dozens of clarifying topics on the travelers’ forums. Depending on the rareness of the chosen direction and the quickness of the travelers, it usually takes 2-4 weeks.


To be sincere, in your trip, you are having rest from the holiday preparation as well. We advise you these three mobile applications, which will entertain you in your trip + one more app, which will help saving time abroad.

  1. Geocaching

This is a world tourist game, the essence of which is to hide and search for the cache. The game has been around for 15 years and unites more than 6 million people from around the globe. Today nearly three million caches are hidden in 200 countries of the world, and every day their number is growing. This is a great way to have fun, find unusual places of the new city, and meet curious people.

To participate in the game, you need to find other people’s caches and hide your own.

Priorities of the game:

  • Creating nice and different, interesting and mysterious caches.
  • Creating attractive descriptions, illustrated with photos.
  • Active, healthy lifestyle.

Cache creation:

  1. The hiding place should be confined to a natural, architectural, cultural, historical or fabricated sight, or implement some original and fascinating search task.
  2. You can create your first cache after finding five caches, created by other players.
  3. Only one hiding place can be timed for one sight.
  4. It is unacceptable to create a cache with a name that repeats the name of an existing cache or with a name, similar to that already existing.
  5. Players must be informed about all dangers and / or special equipment required in the cache description.

In case you are interested in the game, the full rules you can find in the mobile app.

  1. Izitravel

This is a service, which offers a large and high quality, and most importantly, a free collection of audio guides to cities and museums. Before the trip, you can install this application on your smartphone and enjoy excursions from professional guides, as well as amateurs. With its help, you can turn your phone into a personal guide and become a real traveler. Discover new cities, scenic routes, unusual museums and colorful sights. Audio guide will help you to feel the local atmosphere. Some content on the site requires payment.

The special features of the app:

  • Automatic playback of tour histories – thanks to the GPS location service.
  • Ability to share unique facts or favorite stories with friends.
  • Test your knowledge with entertaining quizzes.
  • Saving on roaming – audio guides can be downloaded to the phone before the trip.
  • Quick access to local stories using QR codes and numeric keypad.


  1. Tripster

The service carries out two large projects: unique excursions from local residents and the international community of travelers, which is presented in the form of a giant forum with questions and answers about any city in the world. If you absolutely do not know what to do in a new city, ask a question in this forum, and get recommendations from the locals.

The most interesting thing about the Thripster website is that it is the rarest example of a “specialized” social network. Usually, attempts to unite people on a site in a narrow framework of one topic look very pitiful. There is no space for non-travel information in the user profiles of this service. All additional options are limited to integration with the ticket and hotel search engine. Some may call it limitation, but this is only a sign of properly placed priorities and a clear understanding of their task. This is an excellent example of how to do specialized social networks.

How to keep pace in holiday?

There are many applications, which help to properly map out time. The example of such application is the car rental application. You can download Rentalcars24h to find car, for example, at Enterprise Bishops Stortford.

The benefits of this app are:

  • Guarantee of the lowest prices.
  • Each car from one of the leading suppliers.
  • You can talk to one of the booking agents 7 days a week.
  • You can easily make changes or cancel your reservation online.

With clients from more than 160 countries, they have created a global client base that is supported in four dozen languages ​​and in numerous currencies. This app cooperates with all major car rental companies around the world, checking which local suppliers offer the best prices for the car you need today.

Summarizing it all, there is no better way to plan a trip, than to communicate with experienced people. That is why the mobile apps are very popular among the travelers. Moreover, you can carry them with you all the time, not worrying about the possible changes in the route- travel apps will be helpful in any moment.