Vehicle Security Tips: 8 Ways To Make Your Car Safer

Vehicle Security Tips: 8 Ways To Make Your Car Safer

Purchasing a car is usually not a small endeavour. You’ve probably been saving money for a while or you had to take out a loan in order to make this hefty investment. Vehicles are not something we buy every day, so it’s only normal that you want to keep it safe and ensure it serves you for many years to come. With that in mind, you need to take the tips below into consideration and pay attention to the security of your car.

Always lock the doors

It’s not uncommon to forget to lock the doors when you leave the car, especially if you’ve just been to the store and are carrying a bunch of groceries. However, you must do your best to get rid of this habit. Burglars often go around checking for unlocked vehicles they can steal. Sometimes, they’re not even looking to steal a car – there might be something valuable you left in the car and they’ll just snatch that. You might return to a stolen car radio or something useful from the trunk. The best way to avoid these types of scenarios is to make sure your doors are locked before you leave the vehicle, regardless of how long you’ll be away. Locking them manually maybe your best option as then you’ll be sure it’s properly done, seeing as how the batteries on the remote lock system might be low or experiencing other issues.

Keep track of your keys

Another mistake plenty of car owners make is leaving the keys in the ignition while the vehicle is unlocked, or even worse – keeping the engine running. It doesn’t matter if you’re paying for gas or waiting in the driveway for the windows to demist, this can easily lead to you having your car stolen. Furthermore, it is suggested to ensure your keys are safe at home as well. If they’re near the entrance or in a visible place, a burglar could easily find and get them. Apart from the situations mentioned above, you should also have spare keys to prevent being locked out of your car. Luckily, companies such as KeyBay offer various locksmith services that could get you out of a tough spot.

Get a car alarm

One way to deter carjackers is by installing a vehicle alarm. This option is great because it has a dual purpose. It will notify you that someone is tampering with your car and it might scare off the person trying to do it. The noise the alarm produces will draw attention to the vehicle and this could be enough to discourage a burglar from actually stealing the car. Most car alarms have easily visible blinking lights which indicate that the vehicle is protected and once they see it, burglars usually don’t want to risk getting caught.

Install a steering lock

There are several types of locks you can install to try to prevent theft. For instance, steering locks, gear locks and handbrake locks are all quite difficult to break because they’re made of heavy-duty metal. While experienced thieves are not fazed by these, they might also be looking for an easy score and will not have time to unlock these devices.

Purchase an immobilizer

A piece of tech you should definitely look into is a car immobilizer. Having this device installed means that the car cannot be started without the right key. It will not stop the carjackers from getting into the vehicle but it will not allow them to start the car and drive off in it immediately. Of course, if they have time and are skilled, they might find their way around it but if you have an alarm, you should be notified on time to call the authorities.

Invest in a tracker

While a tracker will not prevent theft, it can tell you where your vehicle is located. One type of tracker is a GPS tracker which can show you where the car is if it’s on street level. On the other hand, a VHF tracker can also find the car if it’s underground or in a storage unit.

Hide your valuables

When you park your car, make sure no valuables are in sight. If your phone or laptop is in plain view, burglars will be tempted to break in. We mentioned already that not every thief is after the vehicle – maybe they’ve seen an expensive piece of jewellery through the window and will try to get it. This is why it’s best to hide all valuables under the rug or seat or at least cover them with unassuming items.

Pay attention to where you park

Where you park your car also plays a huge role in its safety. If possible, keep it in a locked garage or in a place where there is a security guard nearby. If that is not an option, make sure the parking area is well-lit or swarming with people. Thieves like to operate in the dark, so bright lights and crowded spaces are not their favourites.

These eight tips will go a long way in securing your car and making sure your big investment does not go to waste.