Health Benefits of Mushrooms




Mushrooms are good probiotics that should be included in our daily diet. Being a probiotic, a food ingredient should help our body to ward off illness and strengthen it as well. Mushrooms contain higher amount of riboflavin compared to most foods. Potassium in mushrooms should also help in reducing the risks of stroke and treating high blood pressure. Compared to a banana or one glass of orange juice; a medium-sized portabella mushroom contains more potassium. Mushrooms also contain phytonutrients that could have potential benefits in treating cancer.


  • White button mushrooms: They come in different shades of white and sizes. They can be easily found in many grocery stores. When freshly picked, white mushrooms should provide with general amount of nutrients. Fresh white mushrooms should have delicate or mild flavour, However, these mushrooms develop richer taste when their caps darken.
  • Cremini: Its overall appearance is similar with the white mushroom, except for the slightly darker color. Some cremini mushrooms are actually dark brown. This mushroom should be a good source to obtain selenium, which is needed for the normal functions of antioxidants in our body. Selenium has contribution in preventing asthma, arthritis and colon cancer. Cremini mushroom should also be a great way to get zinc, which is important for improving our immune system.
  • Portabella: It looks like a white mushrooms, but can be much larger, with a diameter of nearly 6 inches. It has meatier texture and is denser than many mushrooms. For this reason, portabella is often used as meat replacement for vegan steak. Sautéed and well seasoned can be used in vegan pizza to replace meat. This mushroom should offer good health benefit for people who adopt low carb diet.
  • Shitake: It is a good mushroom for fighting flu and cold. Regular consumption of shitake may ward off tumor, fight infection and stimulate immune system. You may treat liver ailment and nutritional deficiency with this type of mushroom. When refrigerated, shitake mushroom could last for two weeks. A common way of using shitake mushrooms is to enrich the flavour of soup.
  • Oyster: Oyster mushrooms has protein level nearly similar to meat, but without bad fat. It means that oyster can be used for people who have problem with high cholesterol level. An elaborate soup recipe may use oyster and other types of mushrooms. This will allow you to have unique flavoring. Oyster mushrooms have fluted and broad caps; which have a few more interesting colors, such as yellow and pink.
  • Chenterelles: Chanterelles are known as a delicious type of mushroom, with finer texture and delicate flavour. This mushroom is ideal for pizza topping and egg-based dishes. It is important to avoid Lantern chanterelles with well known bioluminescence, because it is moderately poisonous for human consumption.
  • Porcini: Porcini is versatile, meaty and thick. Due to its heartiness, it is a good idea to choose dried porcini. This mushroom is ideal for pasta or noodle dishes; which provide wonderful texture.