How Lawyers Should Avoid Extreme Stress Level?


After spending months in the courtrooms, many lawyers are affected by chronic stress, which can eventually lead to various physical problems, such as immune system impairment, high blood pressure, pains, headaches, insomnia and heart problems. Lawyers should know how is their nervous system is doing after weeks of hard work. It is important for lawyers to know how to relax. It is critical for them to have regular relaxation practice, such as deep breathing, yoga and meditation. Physical exercises could also be seen as a form of mental relaxation. They should also have interpersonal contact with people who are supportive and can make them feel comfortable. It is important for lawyers to know how to discharge negative energy from their minds.

After a highly stressful project, it is important for lawyers to allow their bodies to move in proper way. They should allow their bodies to react and move in a flexible and relaxed way. It is also the time to be honest about your feeling and emotion. It is not healthy to suppress your anger and disappointment. If you suppress your feeling, it will take time for any tension to dissipate. It is important to disable the fight or flight response in your brain that has been continuously activated. Your body should be able to recover well after stressful projects and your basic resilience can be restored. You may need to consult with experienced lawyers to know how to deal with the accumulating tension. They should be proficient in discharging emotion that can lead to stress.

Lawyers should know about threats that tend to make them nervous. These threats may eventually cause their flight or fight response to get activated. This could depend on our genes, personal history and various factors. In some cases, the level of stress could be similar to facing a gun that’s pointed at you. You should know that your nervous system is not really under your own control. It means that you can’t decide what you feel. If you are feeling distressed, it is often not easy to feel relaxed. If you are nervous, you may experience various physical reactions, such as trembling, shaking and various forms of emotional release. It is quite unfortunate that our own feeling can be our biggest enemy, because it may prevent us from being productive and comfortable.

We often hear people say “don’t embarrass yourself”, “be a man” and “control yourself”. In reality, when our emotion has reached a peak level, it is nearly impossible to control ourselves. There are places where showing emotion is strongly discouraged. In reality, it should be considered as admirable, if someone can prevent themselves from falling apart after undergoing a stressful event. Each day, you should set up a discharge session when you can release what has been built up inside your mind throughout the day. Even the toughest individual can freeze or switch into the shut down mode, when they are emotionally overloaded. You should avoid this from happening.