Benefits of Green IT


As we are using more technology, there are many decisions that we need to make. One of the demands is that we should implement green technologies whenever possible. One branch of green technology is Green IT and it’s a concept to address any environmental needs. In this case, we are demanded to produce less waste and use less energy. There have been concerns that moving to Green IT implementations will be prohibitively expensive. However, Green IT could actually help us to save money. There are different ways to implement this, such as by using much more efficient HVAC systems and comprehensive system virtualization.

It’s also a good idea to use as many recycled materials as possible in the data centers building. Various paper-less implementations will also help to reduce the demand for paper in business processes. For casual business implementations, it’s not really necessary to use desktop PCs that require much power. Affordable and reliable laptop models are much more efficient, as well as fast enough for typical business purposes, including word processing and spreadsheet management. IT engineers should look for ways to reduce carbon footprint of data centers or IT departments in companies. As an example, solar cells on top of data center building may only contribute small percentage of energy utilization, but this will significantly reduce carbon footprint. Thermal insulation can also be placed in data center to prevent excess heat from entering the building. This will reduce the needs for cooling. Also, it’s preferable to build data centers in areas with cold winter as well as cool spring and fall. During winter, data centers will only need to use filtered air from the outside.

Some high-end data center facilities are equipped with fuel-cell technology, which is very clean and highly sustainable. Although some of these implementations can be very expensive initially, it is possible to save millions of dollars due to much reduced dependence on regular electricity. Compression techniques could also be used to reduce requirements for storage, both powered storage, such as HDD and SS; and non-powered storage, such as optical drives.  Automated electricity system is also useful for regulating power utilization, so it isn’t necessary to use excessive energy for regular usages. Staff and engineers should be motivated to use eco-friendly methods. As an example, by using windows that block much of the sun’s rays, it is possible to reduce the cooling costs.

There are green competing concepts that we can implement in any situation. Any IT official should hop on board gladly. Air quality, water use and energy use should be monitored regularly. Companies should do anything possible to keep costs and usage to a minimum. By drastically cut costs in energy and electricity, the firm can keep on going. Overall, green IT should have an impact on how companies can save energy and money. Though efforts are somewhat slow, but there’s a consistent progress. It’s important for businesses to consolidate and cut costs whenever possible. This will ensure that businesses can improve their profitability.