Nine Benefits of Dedicated Servers for Small Business


A mid-range desktop PC has become quite powerful these days compared to a few years ago. However, once user demands have increased, a regular desktop PC used as a low-cost server will no longer be enough. Large scale operations require powerful computing, including dedicated servers. Here are reasons why small businesses should invest on dedicated servers:

  1. Better email management: If employees send and handle thousands of email messages each day, a dedicated email server may be needed. Many small businesses rely on Gmail, although they already have a few hundreds of employees. Dedicated email servers are faster, especially for internal email deliveries. If email messages contain important attachments, these critical data will be stored inside your own server. An email exchange server eliminates any reliance on web-based solutions. It will be useful for any ever-growing business.
  2. Many people can access the same data: Often, many employees need to use the same data. Servers could become centralized data storage locations. These servers often have many terabytes of hard drives that store critical information and their backup.
  3. Secure database: A server database isn’t only fast, it is also secure. A database needs to be constantly updated and accessed, so these require fast performance and excellent security authentication. Storing company database in a regular desktop PC could represent huge risk for your business.
  4. Management of shared resources: With dedicated servers, resources could be shared across the workspace. There are plenty of shared devices in a network, such as scanner and printer. Instead of using a router, you should let a dedicated server to take over the task. Servers have better compatibility and may support older dot matrix printers. A server can handle plenty of shared devices and assign a drive letter for each.
  5. Better performance: Dedicated servers are platforms with the sole purpose of processing and distributing data for users. It’s for your business requirements only and not for something else. It means that dedicated servers are faster, because they are designed only for a few tasks. Regular PC with standard hardware configuration and operating system won’t as fast.
  6. Better value: Dedicated servers are more expensive than regular PCs, but they still offer better value for money. To achieve the same level of performance with regular PCs, you need to buy multiple units and spend more money. Regardless of the higher price, it’s still reasonable if you consider the immense benefits of having and operating dedicated servers for your small businesses.
  7. Ability to choose any configuration: If you rent servers at a remote data center, you can’t decide what kind of hardware that’s used for the server. With dedicated servers in your own location, you can choose what kind of hardware that you want to use.
  8. Customization: Dedicated servers in your locations can be customized rather easily and it means a lot of flexibility. Customization is essential if you have a changing and growing business.
  9. Security: Dedicated servers provide compliance and security for small businesses. Security should be placed as a priority for any small business.