Online Assistant: 6 Services that will Help You Save on Travel


What can overshadow the joyful chores that precede a trip to another country? In most cases, this is news about additional money wastes. Indeed, you always want to relax on a budget, and not limit yourself to the comfort and entertainment at the resort at the same time.

Fortunately, now there are various applications and services to facilitate travel. For example, you want to explore the Mojave Desert in Nevada by car. Then car rental in Las Vegas under 21 is what you 100% need. For this, you should go to website, select the desired date and click the Search button.

Moreover, there you can compare various offers from different companies at once, which guarantees you the best Jeep rental anyway. Of course, many other classes of vehicles are available for you, including compact, economy, convertibles, minivans and luxury cars.

Among the services for travelers, there are also those that will help you deal with the finances of a large company, keep records of expenses on vacation, and also reduce the list of usual journey expenses. Here’re some of the most money-saving apps…

Splitwise (Android, iOS)

This is an online application that avoids financial confusion if you are traveling with a company of friends. Very often a situation occurs when your colleagues can’t honestly split the bill, and as a result, someone remains offended.

In the Splitwise system you can enter all the cost data, and the total amount is divided equally. Also, the application allows you to keep statistics of expenses, remind unpaid amounts and always have access to expense reports.

Such a service will be useful even when going to the store with a large company. The service operates in English, and all commands are intuitive. The main disadvantage is that there is no currency conversion.

Trail Wallet (iOS)

This application is a cost control that requires minimal effort from the owner of the iPhone or iPad to fill in the expense column. All you need is to set the limit that you plan to spend in one day on vacation.

If the vacationer exceeds a certain limit, then the application sends notification. The program can also send alerts if the limit is almost exhausted. The main disadvantage is that each amount spent per day will have to be entered manually in the application. The limit amount can be set in any currency or even several ones.

The service works even with no Internet connection at the moment – when the network connection appears again, the exchange rate will be updated and all expenses will be calculated automatically.


Skiplagged (Android, iOS)

Skiplagged is a tricky service that allows you to find profitable loopholes when buying tickets. The application helps budget tourists to travel less costly, using the principle of hidden city ticketing.

For example, if an air passenger asks the application for the cost of a Paris – New York flight, then the system not only gives an obvious, quite expensive option for a direct flight from Paris to NYC, but also offers to fly with a transfer and save money.

The catch for the airline is that the passenger only reaches the destination where the transfer takes place, and he doesn’t need to go to the final point.

Too good to go (Android, iOS)

This application is designed specifically for those who don’t mind eating on vacation in cafes and restaurants, while significantly saving on food costs. ‘Too good to go’ allows you to purchase already cooked food in restaurants, bakeries and supermarkets, which should be thrown away.

About one third of the food cooked in catering establishments per day is thrown away – which is ruinous enough for the establishments themselves and for the planet as a whole, because now a progressive society is opposed to the policy of excessive consumption.

By using this service, you can monitor the nearest catering points and find out what discounted dishes they offer at the moment. Naturally, Too good to go menu will only contain a set of dishes that were not sold out in the first half of the day. As a rule, you can order and pick up food at certain hours – between lunch and dinner.

Pruvo (Android, iOS)

It’s an excellent solution for those who booked a hotel long before the trip at a high price, and shortly after departure found out that now the same hotel room is available at a much cheaper rate.

The service will notify the user about the price reduction and offer to cancel the old reservation and book the same room again at a better price. The main condition is the cancellation of the reservation in a particular hotel should be free of charge – otherwise you will have to pay for such a service.

Pruvo will help save time during the preparation for the holidays and avoid neurosis when planning a travel budget – you don’t have to constantly monitor profitable offers or worry about wasted money that could be saved.

Dayuse (Android, iOS)

Now passengers, who travel with transfers and have to wait a long time at the airport for their flight, can relax at the hotel at a very favorable cost. Dayuse service will also become a lifesaver for those who don’t know where to spend time in an unfamiliar city if the flight is delayed.

In the application you can find a lot of options – 3-, 4-, 5-star hotels, which will gladly open their doors to guests for the whole day, half day or even for one hour. At the same time, the cost of living will be cheaper by about 75% compared with standard nightly rental housing options.

During the time spent in the hotel, you can sleep, have a bite, take a shower and put yourself in order after a tiring road, and then go to the airport.