Mandatory Features for Food Ordering App



Technology has shifted many aspects of our life including how we order food. Based on the actual research, food delivery has covered almost half of the entire restaurant industry. It means that almost one of two people prefer to get their food delivered than dining in the restaurant. It encourages the development of a food ordering app which helps both food outlets to maximize their profits and customers to conveniently order their meals.

However, there are some fundamental features should be available in a food ordering app to achieve the business goals, let’s check them out.


Sign Up and Sign In

The main idea is to encourage a regular order from customers so you need to collect basic data including name, phone number, and address. At this point, the basic features should be developed include sign up and sign in. The app should allow customers to create an account and sign in whenever they want to check menus and place an order. These would provide you with a valuable database which helps you to deliver more personalized services and promotions.

Advanced Menu Options

Instead of providing simple menus, the detailed ones would generate more sales for sure. The menus should include attractive names, diet types, ingredient highlights, servings or portions. A customizable menu is also helpful to attract more customers where they can order double size, extra toppings, packages, and so forth. The menu should be well organized so the customers can find and navigate te sub-categories easily, a filter or search feature could be added. However, you still need to align the menu and customization with the capacity and physical system of your kitchen.

Payment Options

Another key point is to ensure the customers can easily finish the checkout. You should embed multiple payment options including cash debit, cash on delivery, credit, top up, virtual payment, and so forth. The emergence of e-money also drives more customers to look for cashless and faster transaction.

Reward Program

A regular order remains regular, but once you add a reward program, it would drive successive orders. Reward points or referral bonus would engage the customer to either keep ordering in a certain amount continuously and/or bring more new customers. “Mouth by mouth” promotion is now even manageable by adding reward or referral programs for sure.

Outlet Program Integration

The mobile app should be integrated into the outlet’s database system to cut out delay and inefficiency. At this point, a user-friendly interface should be also embedded in the outlet’s dashboard. It should allow the operators and outlet’s users to easily process the transactions, edit menus, and so forth.