Simple Tips Every Man Can Use To Easily Elevate Their Look


Sometimes people forget that Men’s fashion is evolving but there are some classics that have gotten a little lost in history but still provide a great impact. As it’s becoming more talked about and accepted by society for men to take pride in their appearance and dress for themselves it’s still new among some men. Whether you’re looking to smarten up for everyday or the office, look your best while you’re being active or just simple everyday sustainable styling tips to not only make you feel comfortable and confident but to look it as well. 




They are not only comfortable and convenient especially when you’re out and about whether that’s hiking, at the gym, woken up and your phone died or a stranger asks for the time. A watch has been reliable since its invention, and not only for its reliability even during the age of smartphones. It gives men the chance to switch it up and style it accordingly with their style whether it’s a classic plain leather watch band or to bring the outdoors feel to their accessories, a camo print one.


This accessory has been relevant since man wore it, and it’s not just something you tell the time with but a piece of history that is still stylish and relevant today. Countless families, films and stories involve the sentiment of their fathers or grandfathers watch, it should be cherished and their style and memory should be passed on through generations. Therefore, no matter if they are new, old, expensive or cheap they are a statement and always have been. 


There is no right or wrong way to style your watch and no matter it’s a classic accessory that every man should own. With the endless amount of high quality, comfortable and creative options it would be a waste to not experiment with it and find the perfect watch and watch band for you. 




The right shoes act as such a key ingredient in every man’s style. Arguably it’s what most people first notice and can help women decide whether she’s interested or not. So it would be a mistake to ignore shoes’ significance in today’s times, throughout history shoes were an indicator on a person’s status and I believe that is still relevant today. For example, if you aren’t dressed for the right occasion including footwear it is easily noticed and social shame usually follows. 


However, with how fluid today is this doesn’t mean that smart shoes mean you’re successful, it’s more how you present yourself, and how the outfit itself tells a story. With advancements with technology, shoes for every occasion have been designed, smart classic formal shoes are a must for occasions such as the office, weddings, and other formal occasions. As men don’t dress how they used to, when given the opportunity I believe they should go all out. The same goes for the complete opposite when it comes to hiking and other physical activity. The correct footwear can look good and also feel good. 


So do not forget that the correct footwear for every occasion is important when it comes to styling especially for men. 




This should be a staple in every man’s wardrobe, a few shirts that fit well, are versatile and can be dressed up and down are a must. Depending on your desired fit will depend on the kind of shirts you go for. But they give you the freedom to wear it to a wedding and walk around town. 


A nice shirt can act as a veritable building block that shouldn’t be ignored when picking out an outfit. An oversized shirt is the new trend at the moment as a more casual option but can create a really well put together outfit. While an overshirt can add an extra something while acting as a layering moment perfect for the autumn season or to dress up a casual outfit for some drinks with friends, family or a beloved. 




This item should be taken seriously especially during the colder months, as it covers your clothes underneath its acts as the statement piece. Versatility, reliability and functionality should be considered when buying a new jacket, the factors of whether it looks good on you has to be considered. 


Make sure your jacket fits you properly, and choose a colour that can go with the majority of your clothes, the colour black is a safe and best option as it goes with almost everything and black never goes out of style. 




If you’re a man that loves to dress smart or want to experiment with bringing suits as an everyday look back then you need to understand the importance of a nice tie. In the same way they say that glasses make you look smarter, the same applies with wearing a tie. It can show that you have your life together and are successful members of your society and have been noticed within history as a symbol of power and respect. 


This styling accessory doesn’t have to be boring and plain, the options for ties are endless. You can go all out with a designer brand but it’s not always necessary to elevate your look. As you can find unique timeless designs at your local charity shop if you looked hard enough. With all these options it really gives you the opportunity to express yourself. It can be loud and proud or simple and formal. Either way you shouldn’t sleep on the power of a nice tie. You can take it the extra mile and match it with your watch band, socks and or shoes creating a cohesive look. 




This can come when you’ve bought all the things you want to dress how you feel, you can find the perfect suit, shirt, pants, jumpers and they just don’t look right. That’s where tailoring comes in and If there’s anything I’d recommend 10 times over it’s this. Tailoring has the power to turn something you weren’t sure about into something you never want to take off, you want to wear clothes that help you show off your other accessories whether that be a watch band, cufflinks or your shoes. 


It gives you the opportunity to not only save money on your old clothes but it can make you look professional, confident and comfortable when you step out of your home. Clothes no matter what it is always looks better when it’s made specifically for your body type, it’s hard to find stuff now where it fits you just right and not everyone’s body is made for the fast fashion measurements. This can further help you find your perfect style, seeing what clothes should look like it’s the key to finding what works best for you.