The Ultimate Guide To Travelling Around London


London is the capital of England and it is one of the best cities to visit in the world as a tourist. It is a city full of history, including buildings that have been there for hundreds of years. 


London has buildings that are a combination of both modern and historical architecture, making it the perfect tourist spot. Furthermore, it is a city of culture, filled with many different cuisines from around the world. It also has sustainable food markets, helping you reduce your carbon footprint whilst you enjoy moving around the capital. 


Despite all of these amazing points to make about London, there are some issues regarding the capital. It is a highly busy destination full of tourists who visit from all over the world. Due to this, it can make travelling around London very difficult. Nevertheless, there are tricks to get around London without being frustrated by the never-ending traffic and saving money on travelling. Moreover, some spots in the capital cannot be missed when visiting.

Must Visit Spots In London

As mentioned before, there are many historical buildings in London. These are a must-visit when you spend a few days in London so you can learn more about the whole of the United Kingdom. 

The Big Ben and the House Of Parliament

First on the list are both Big Ben and the House of Parliament. The Big Ben is one of the most well-known building structures in the city. It is a fantastic example of Gothic architecture that has outlived generations. Be a typical tourist to visit Big Ben before moving on to the House of Parliament. 


The House of Parliament was founded in 1801, making it one of the oldest government buildings in England. To see how the country is run, this is a great spot to visit as you are roaming around the city and, you can visit the House of Parliament for as little as £30.

Tower Of London and London Bridge

Time to move onto the tower of London. This marvellous building was built in 1070. Since it was built, it has added many extensions to this fantastic building. Furthermore, you can see the Crown Jewels and the iconic black ravens in the tower. Once you have finished your tour around this historical building, head over to London Bridge. 


Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square should be next on your list as it has many famous monuments. It is a common destination in the capital and one of the busiest spots. Not to mention there are several galleries, museums and other historical buildings that you can visit around the square. Plus, it has been a popular spot for rallies and demonstrations to get the attention of the government. 

Buckingham Palace

It would not be the ultimate guide to travelling around London if it didn’t have Buckingham Palace on the list. It is another must-visit spot in London; however, if you wish to have a guided tour inside the building, there are only certain times of the year when you can do this. Nonetheless, if you don’t wish to have a guided tour inside, you can watch the guards change over in the morning and look at the building from the outside. 

London Eye

Last but certainly not least is the London Eye. You can get some of the best views of the city from the Ferris wheel for just £30.50. You may think it is a lot but you won’t find a better spot than the London Eye, especially for this price. 

What Else To Visit In London

Amongst the historical architecture that is all around central London, the capital also has a lot more to offer.


If you are interested in learning about the history of the United Kingdom, there is no better place to learn about it other than London. It has plenty of spots to learn about its history such as the National Gallery, British Museum, Museum of London and the Natural History Museum. There are a lot more museums to visit as well however, these are some of the most iconic so they are worth the visit during your stay in London. 

Markets With All Different Cultures

Food markets with a variety of cuisines are something else that London can boast about. The Borough Market is one of those markets which has been there since the 13th century. You also have other iconic food markets such as Broadway Market, Eataly, Southbank Centre food market and more. If you consider yourself a foodie, London will be the perfect spot for you.


The only issue with these is that they are busy, not just for the food but also for second-hand jewellery and ornaments. If you want to visit these markets when they are least busy, be sure to visit in the morning before it peaks midday.


Camden Market

We believe Camden market should have its section due to its size. This fantastic and iconic London market is home to over 1,000 independent stalls, from natural skincare products to homemade food. It is a must-visit when touring the city as you experience London culture like anywhere else. 

Theatre Shows

If you are someone who loves theatre shows then London could be the perfect spot. London is full of theatres so make sure you see what is close to you so you can visit them yourself.


If you are looking for a traditional theatre experience, the London Coliseum would be the perfect spot. However, if your accommodation is in Covent Garden then the Royal Opera House is a better choice. Nevertheless, there are many iconic theatres you can visit in this marvellous city so make sure to browse the internet to find the perfect theatre for you. 

London Is Very Green Too

What many people assume when they visit London is that it is a concrete jungle. Although it is full of skyscrapers, it is technically considered a forest. This amazing city is full of city centre parks which are perfect for escaping the pollution that the city produces.


You will be amazed by the number of parks this city has to offer, however, you won’t be able to visit them all in one weekend. For some of the best parks, visit St James Park, Victoria Park, Hyde Park or Regent’s Park. Sometimes, you want a day out where you know you won’t spend that much money if any money at all. Visiting the park is a great way to kill some time and enjoy the different sides of London. 


Our favourite is Hyde Park because it isn’t too far from the Marble Arch and Harrods car park if you wish to go on a shopping spree not long after.