How To Relax Your Mind Completely After Work


Shutting off after work can be difficult for some people, especially those new to working life. After University, you start to appreciate how easy your life was, especially when you start working full-time. Additionally, you can find your work stressful and struggle to perform to your best ability because of the stress. 


Some people can’t shut off from their working life as well. They are the type of people who continue to work at home and this can be mentally draining. When I finished University and started working full-time, I became one of those people. I couldn’t relax, leading me to work on the weekends and after work when I got home. It became draining and started to affect my work ethic. Nevertheless, I started to make a few changes after work and soon realised that life isn’t all about work. You must appreciate your time off and shut your brain off from your working life. 


In this article, I will take you through my steps for completely relaxing your mind and escaping the work life so you should never bring home with you. 

Consider Exercising

A great way to ensure you distract your mind from your work life is by exercising. For some people, they like to go to the gym after work to escape work. Other people like to go on a run when they get home. I enjoy running so this is something that I do. 

For those that don’t enjoy running, consider walking instead. A half an hour’s walk or run is enough to distract your mind and start the relaxing process. You can even go on a run on a treadmill at the gym.


Stress levels increase whilst you are at work, especially working in highly demanding jobs. Exercising can help reduce those stress levels and anxiety, allowing your brain and muscles to relax later in the evening. Not to mention the health benefits that you gain from exercising as well. 

Cook/Have Your Dinner

Once you have exercised after work, the time will be around 6:30/7:00 PM. It is the perfect time to have your evening meal. We advise you to eat as soon as possible after your workout because you have burned a lot of calories during your workout, therefore will need the correct nutrients for your body to repair the muscles you have used. 

I don’t do any cooking after work because I like to spend more time relaxing, even though I enjoy cooking. What I do is prepare meals on Sunday so I can put them in the fridge and freezer, ready for the rest of the week. It saves me a lot of time and allows me to enjoy my evenings after work, giving me more time to exercise and relax later on. 

Spend Time To Socialise

Another essential part of relaxing after work is spending time socialising with friends or family. I don’t mean going out and meeting up with them either. Give one of your family members a quick call to scratch up with them and see how they are doing. If you live with someone, sit down and speak to them for 30 minutes and catch up on their day/life. It is a great distraction from work and allows you to get everything out. Socialising is a great mood booster as well as a good distraction. You do not understand the benefits of socialising after work until you start doing it yourself. 

Time To Turn Off Your Phone

The time is now around 8 o’clock after I have finished doing everything. It is the perfect time to turn off your phone or put it on night mode. You no longer need your phone to ping all night. Additionally, putting your phone on night mode allows you to focus on all the other tasks for your evening routine. It is a key step to forgetting about work and everything else going on in the world. 

Have A Wash

Now, it is time to take off your gym set and wash off the dirt and sweat you have on your body. Some people like to have a bath after work however, I prefer to shower as it is much quicker. Once I have cleaned my body, I will start my skincare routine. Using all of my facial products to scrub away the dirt underneath my skin whilst ensuring my face is super smooth and glowing. It also allows me to rub out any stress on my face, relaxing my muscles before bed. 


If you choose to have a hot bath, make sure you put some soothing bath soak in with you. Light some candles and place them around your bath or bathroom and close the bathroom door. That way, you will keep all of the heat in your room, helping you relax your muscles even more. Relaxing your muscles will put your mind at ease as well, especially if you have an intense workout straight after work. 

The Final Steps Relaxing My Mind

Once I have done all of the above, I feel much more relaxed and ready for bed, and the time will usually be around 8:30. If there is anything else on my mind, I will write it down in a journal, especially things I need to do for the next day. Once I have done this, I will hop into bed and watch a TV series or put on a film. All of this depends on the time. If I don’t have much time left, I will get out my book and start to read. Again, this completely distracts me from my thoughts, especially anything about work. Now, my mind and body are completely relaxed and immersed in whatever I am watching or reading. I also made some changes to make my bedroom more relaxing which really helps. 


Relaxing after work is essential for your mental health. If you continue to focus on work, even after you get home, your body and mind won’t relax properly. It can then catch up on you, making you more tired than you usually are. Finding the perfect after-work routine is important for your mental health so try some of the things I do to ensure your mind is completely relaxed. One final point to make, don’t forget to have a self-care day at the weekend to relax your mind, ready for the next week ahead.