How SEO Extension for Magento 2 Can Help You Boost Traffic


Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the main instruments in your digital marketing toolbox and forms a key determinant in building your digital footprint in the market. If you are an eCommerce business, understanding the imperative of SEO is crucial to your business in so many ways. SEO helps you get the visibility you need to introduce your products to the customer and lead them towards conversion.

However, practicing SEO requires a fair amount of time, effort and finance to get results and without a dedicated department or resources, the results can be quite cut-cornered. Since SEO accounts for the majority of traffic you get on your online store, optimizing your website becomes highly important to stay competitive and get exposure to your pages. Fortunately, with recent leaps in technology, there are certain automated tools that can help you optimize your website with pinpoint precision and get the audience directed towards your store. These extensions come loaded with features and offer multiple built-in tools to keep your online presence ahead of the competition. In this article, we take the opportunity of sharing one of the best tools that can help get the traffic boost you need to improve conversions and generate more revenue.

Magento 2 SEO extension

Magento 2 SEO extension, as the name suggests is a 360-degree SEO solution for your store to reduce your SEO workload and cost that might be burdening your resources. It comes with a combination of 7 powerful SEO extensions that can automate your SEO tasks and significantly streamline your online marketing workflow. Here is what you get,

  1. SEO Meta Title, Description & Keywords Optimizer
  2. Google Rich Snippet Tag
  3. XML & HTML Sitemaps Generator
  4. Alt tags and Product Images Optimizer
  5. Content Optimization tool with Hreflang Tags
  6. Canonical Tags Maker
  7. Auto No Index and No Follow Tag extension


Auto Generate SEO Optimized Meta Tags

Auto-generate SEO optimized meta tags extension is a great tool that can help you score tons of traffic by automatically generating keywords, meta titles, and descriptions for your store’s products, their categories, and other CMS pages. You can also generate short and long product descriptions, produce unique meta tags and descriptions utilizing attributes and variables, and add product specific meta tags. It is accurate, fast and involves minimum effort as most processes are automated.

Add SEO Optimized Image Alt Tags

Image alt tags extension makes another great addition to your SEO strategy by helping you auto-create SEO qualified alt attributes for product images, significantly increasing the relevancy of your image content. Relevancy is a very important metric in Google search engine guidelines and makes a key ranking factor in the SERPs. This not only helps you secure more traffic but also increases the credibility of your store. it works by processing product attributes and custom text and generates unique and optimized alt tags for your store images.

Using Google Rich Snippets to their Full Potential

Schema Tags Users value information, and Schema Tags is the perfect way to capitalize on the opportunity. The extension allows you to add more information on Google’s search results through structured schema tags. It boosts the CTR by assisting the user in identifying that the website provides exactly what they have searched for. The structured schema tags cover Twitter cards, Facebook open graph tags, displaying social profile links, breadcrumbs, search boxes, business and product information among other things.

Hreflang Tags for Your Multilingual Online Store

Outreach to the international audience often places language and region as a hindrance. Use the Hreflang Tags extension for using them to your advantage by ranking the multi-lingual stores on the basis of their performance. As a result, you can boost sales by modifying sales strategies according to every audience grouping.

Automatically Generate HTML & XML Sitemap to Your Store

Generate optimized HTML and XML sitemaps for your Magento 2 store with the latest Add HTML and XML Sitemap Pro extension. It allows you to design and modify XML ad HTML sitemaps while enabling the inclusion of products, categories and CMS pages for the sitemaps. It also allows removal of products, categories, and out-of-stock items. It also includes the feature for adding custom links to sitemaps.

Add No-Index No-Follow Tags for Your Web Pages

Crawlability of your pages is a deciding factor for search engines when ranking your content. In such cases, indexation status has to be optimized according to the webmaster’s preferences to get the desired resuts. This extension helps you add No-Index No-Follow tags according to your strategy on products, category pages, and CMS pages of your website.

Canonicalize URLs to Avoid Duplicate Content Issue

Canonical tags are a very important component of modern SEO and have a direct effect on the traffic of your website. This extension helps webmasters to optimize the webpage relevancy, communicate the relationship with different pages and their categories. But most importantly, it helps eradicate content duplicity issue which often prevents the website from getting them ranked. It helps canonicalize products, CMS pages, categories, and other custom URLs. You can also apply rel=”Next” and rel=”Prev” and add exceptions for pages from canonical tags.