How to Start a Business Using Internet Connection


Internet is an amazing place to start a small business. You do not have to be an experienced professional or a graduate to be eligible for starting a new business. A passionate person who has an amazing idea can change the world if the plan is right. Decide the type of business you want to start. Internet businesses can offer products, services or a combination of both.

Online businesses are affordable as they do not require a big investment and the profit can be used as an investment to expand the business, gradually. However, it may look too easy initially, but surviving online can be a challenge. Online businesses require websites and there are already more than 1.8 billion websites on the internet with 3.4 billion internet users. Over the last decade, 800% increase has been seen in the new websites.


Steps to launch your own business:

  1. Find a need and fill it. People will only pay you when you have the object of their need, or, at least, you provide an alternative solution to their problem. This is the first thing to find out before you start your business.
  2. Once you finalize your business idea, write a copy which contains the structure of your business. The copy of your business should contain the content that the world likes to learn about your business.
  3. Design the logo and build an easy-to-use website. Brand your business and create social media presence on all the relevant platforms.
  4. Use search engines to drive traffic to your site. Word of mouth and social media can be a great driving force for generating sales. However, if we have any query we can research on it; it is highly recommended for your brand to be friends with Google in order to reach the maximum number of people.
  5. Establish an expert reputation for your business and invest your time, money and energy in building a legacy, not just a passive income.
  6. Once you get customers, followers, or generic audience interested in availing your products or services in the near future, you are halfway done with initiating your business on the upward spiral. You should follow up with your customers and subscribers via email or SMS. It will serve as a reminder too.


5 Creative Ideas to Start Your Own Business:

If you are ambitious, always looking for some exciting career moves, driven, spend most of your leisure time online, a pro at internet browsing and researching loves to talk or more preferably – can write or pitch productive business ideas. Congratulations, you are reading the right article! Here, I will share some creative ideas that primarily need a great idea and dedicated attention – exactly like all the success stories we read. When it comes to business, it would require work ethics, professionalism, sense of generating revenue, aesthetics sense to keep it innovative for attracting attention throughout the journey. You should be willing to do it all for your startup.

I recently moved to a new state as my husband had found a better opportunity; we got our landline which offered unlimited free calling within the US, plenty of internet at good speeds and connectivity along with TV which is enough for me when I get bored or want to explore the outs and about. I was looking to utilize my time and internet on something constructive. To my rescue, I had

I experimented a few things and suggested some to my friends, thanks to my avid researching skills. Here, I will share my research which may help you give an idea for your online business:

Launch an Online Brand

Make your own brand! It could be a clothing or jewelry store – everything designed by you! If you know how to cook or bake – you can open your online bakery or kitchen where people place an order 24-48 hours prior to the delivery time. You can send them hot meals at their doorstep. Having your own niche varies from person to person, as every individual offers a different set of skills. If you have a degree or relevant professional experience, you can offer specialized services like resumë writing, marketing, public relation services, psychological advises, research or academic writing, could also be an ad agency or social media marketing, designing, photography, editing services, or such.


Make an online shop, try to choose the area or products you would be interested in, take orders, become a third party business owner. You can work with Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Ali express, and many other reliable online stores. Or else, if you know any wholesale market, you can go there and buy things in bulk according to your customer’s orders. Also, you can offer any product or service which is a rare commodity. It can be risky but what else are businesses about? Innovation and demand go hand in hand. If you market it right, you might make a stir in the market and get orders from all states.

Start Blogging

Everybody is blessed with multiple skills. Some of us would have some restrictions sharing them online because we might be excellent at playing sports or designing illustrations—things that are not directly related to blogging business but have immense value in real life. You can, however, start your personal blog if you haven’t identified your skill yet. Write about your daily routine, a story – if you’re a story-teller; write fiction, review an event you have been to, or a movie, share your travelogues or anything that gets you to tell the world a story – your story!

Become a Vlogger

If you, too, face the writing block and lack the frame of mind that allows you to excessively write, or maybe you like talking more, you can simply switch to another medium: vlog. We have good news for you – video blogging is the next option for you then. You can make videos, post them on YouTube, and raise subscribers from there. The added advantage would be Google AdSense. If anyone clicks an ads on your blog or vlog, an amount of money will be deposited into your account. Usually, bloggers earn through affiliate marketing and by endorsing other brands as their primary source of income and recognition.

YouTube also pays through ads; you add ads in your videos and when someone clicks while watching your video on YouTube, you get bucks. You need to know the terms and conditions so you can work smartly. It is just like the advertisers who get paid when an ad gets clicked or when a viewer watches the video for 30 seconds. If the video you posted on your YouTube channel gets ten million views but nobody has really watched it or clicked the ads, you won’t be making money. You can roughly make $1 per 25 views.

Become a Freelancer

As mentioned above, you can have your online store to sell your services. There is another world which is a few clicks away, where you can find customers related to and definitely interested in your skills across the world from all walks of life. You can offer a wide range of services if you are set on the right track.

You can always consider getting a certification, diploma or professional training, in case you think you lack skill. You can also offer your services through an online portal like Fiver, Freelancer, Upwork. You can take and put up reviews from the customers so that the coming traffic can rely on your services. Good reviews would ultimately get you more work.