Prepare Your Route: 8 Apps for Easy Trip Planning


It seems that in our time there’s nothing more convenient than smartphone applications. This is especially true of travel related services. Today, you can easily pick up Hertz car rental at Sydney Domestic Airport, or anywhere else, and reserve a table in a restaurant. However, travel planners are also very useful applications to use.

Good preparation is the key to a great trip. There’s no need to check out your schedule every second, but it will be a shame to find out that you missed something special, being just five steps away from that place and having enough time.

In order to avoid this, we’ve selected some useful applications for you that can be installed on iPhone or Android-based smartphone, and which you definitely want to use on your next trip.


Check and Pack

This is a great adviser who will tell you what to take with you. With it, you can pack a suitcase. The application will create for you an individual list of things, so you can be sure that you won’t forget anything.

You just need to tell the app about the desired destination, type of trip, transportation and other important details, for example, that you are traveling with your kid. Check and Pack will also remind you about the things that should be done before the trip.



The Detour app is an audio walking guide in your iPhone: a dream for those who go on trips to stroll around the cities, but suffer from the inability to read the guide and at the same time consider everything with their own eyes.

By using GPS, the application will find out where you are and tell something interesting about the surroundings. Guides to New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Austin, London, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, Marrakesh and much more destinations are now available. Everyone has a preview mode to know in advance if there is something suitable for him.


Musement will appeal to the fans of strictly-organized vacations: buy tickets to the museum, wine tastings and swimming sessions with dolphins – the app can offer a plenty of useful options.

The service has a concierge – a local expert who will tell you something interesting and help with the booking. Also, Musement is a travel blog, so there are materials with a selection of entertainment categories, for example, “What to do if it rains.”



The application only requires your current location, the desired destination to go, travel dates and what interests you on this journey – and it will build a route special for you. Roadtrippers will help you find unique sights, restaurants, museums, amusement parks, camp sites and much more.

Also, Roadtrippers takes into consideration the user’s wishes, if he indicated exactly where he would like to go.


Google Trips

The most famous IT-company on the planet has taken care of those who also actively travel. The Trips app will collect in your mail all e-tickets and reservations related to the trip and even show any map offline, calculating the total travel time and solving the two biggest problems for travelers at the same time.

Plus, you’ll find there tips on where to go and how to spend the day based on popular pages opened via Google. Such important information as where to go or who to call in an emergency is also presented.



The Facet application can be called a meeting place of people with similar interests: travelers shoot videos all over the planet and share them there.

You can find out many unique, striking and surrealistic things and show something to others. Additional option – if you are attracted by one mysterious or just a pretty direction from the video, you can buy tickets on the spot without leaving the application.


This is the main thing that road travelers from around the world need to have in their smartphones. Waze is a combination of a GPS navigator and Google Maps, which will help you to explore the world.

Wherever you go, the application will show you the traffic warnings, refueling options, and the place to repair your car. Waze receives information from its users – so you can also tell it about traffic jams, cheap restaurants, interesting sights and something else happening along the road you go.


The advantage of Yelp over other recommendation services is its high popularity, thus, a greater number of different reviews. If you specify a destination and want to find the nearest cafe where you can have a cup of coffee, you should listen to the recommendation of Yelp.

While other travel apps contain recommendations from other tourists, Yelp, for the most part, enjoys feedback from locals. This is especially good for restaurants, but Yelp will also help you find a car service center, shops, clinics and other places that you may need on your way.