TOP 10 Neighborhood Shops in Pittsburgh You SHOULD VISIT

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Traveling to Pittsburgh you hope for having great holidays and good rest. But you don’t think of shopping, do you? Of course, Pittsburgh is not a popular shopping destination. However, you can find many big and small malls and shopping centers in the city like the most popular Shadyside or Sewickley. You can buy tones of useful things there and stop for snack if you need a drink or a bite along the way. But if you are a wheel you can try to visit Pittsburgh neighborhoods for any kind of serious shopping. You can be surprised but times are changing. Pittsburgh neighborhoods have become popular shopping spots now. If you have a car you can easily get to the Northside or Lawrence to do a little shopping.

What are you waiting for? Look through these popular neighborhood shops to save them to your GPS.


You can find many different ways to get around Pittsburgh. It can be a car, bus, taxi, or something else. You can even go by foot but it would be rather challenging to get to the city neighborhoods then. It is better to rent a car. Budget car rental in Pittsburgh airport will take you to the Downtown grid and even to the city outskirts. It is about 20 miles from the airport. You’d better to take the car with updated GPS when traveling through Pittsburgh to find the right way to the shop of your dream.



  1. Go to Wildcard

This is a real gift shop and a very popular tourist spot. People come here to buy fancy gifts and Pittsburgh themed cards. You can find something interesting from local arts, jewelry, prints. Never miss this shop when you are traveling in these parts of the world.

  1. Visit Toll Gate Revival

Welcome to the popular vintage shop where you can find many interesting rare gifts. It’s not about small pieces of art or jewelry, not at all. It’s rather about heavy vintage furniture. You can buy an old but extremely beautiful dining table for half price. Also, this is a great location for shooting. The interiors of Toll Gate are incomparable. People often rent their locations for photo or video campaigns.

  1. Go to Moop

This is a unique place to shop fir inimitable wax canvas bags. You can buy any kind of bag here, including clutches, backpacks, and tote bags. Also, they sell jewelry, perfumes, and different home goods. By the way, Moop is represented in the city downtown at their First Avenue studio.

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  1. Go to Farmer’s Daughter

This unique shop has moved from New York to work on weddings and offer their hand made floral creatures to the mass. They are highly represented on Instagram. What can you find here? You can buy flowers for your garden or buy a beautiful flower composition. In addition, they offer many different variants of textiles, candles to complete their floral goods.

  1. Have a look at Kinsman Men’s Shop

Do you want to buy some clothes? Go to Kinsman Shop for men’s clothing. Americans often come here to buy shoes, denim products, and everything for grooming. The shop has gained its popularity in 2016.

  1. Go to Von Walter and Funk

Do you like French fashion? Go to Von Walter’s shop for French style clothing. So, here you can find something really interesting and unique, including glassware, art and decor ideas. No doubts, this is the right place to buy one-of-a-kind gift you can hardly find elsewhere in Pittsburgh.


  1. Go to Daily Bread

Drive your car to Garfield to visit Daily Bread. Actually, this is 3 in one place, where you can find modern clothing and everything for sneaker cleaning and restoration. It is definitely worth visiting. The shop space can be also used for arranging different concerts, public events.

  1. Visit Royal Pittsburgh

Are you looking for vintage clothing? Go to see what’s new in Royal Pittsburgh? This is a place where you can find many unique exemplars from Etsy Shop. You can buy even clothing samples with American Eagle and different vintage pop-ups.

  1. Go to 4121 Main

You should come to this shop if you are looking for the most innovative ideas. The street consists of a coffee shop, floral boutiques, housemade stores, and book shops. Take your chance to buy interesting gifts, unique foodies of different shapes and sizes.

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  1. How about visiting No. 14?

The shop was born in 2014 by mom and her daughter. Not it is one of the most popular spots in the city. They sell such popular brands as Ted Baker and BB Dakota.

Don’t even try to understand what you want to buy. Visiting one of these shops you are impressed and delighted. The variety of goods is big and you can’t even know what is waiting for you in the next shop.