“WOW”. “Splendid”. “This is exactly the pearl I was looking for.” These are some of the expressions you can pronounce when you come across a website that is full of miracles.

After this first observation, it is time for questions. For example, I’m sure you’re wondering what the name of this topic is (because you want the same thing). Or where to get it (because you absolutely want to buy it)?

It must be said that until now your search for an innovative WordPress design has been in vain. However, these are not there randomly. I have selected the following, rather than others, because of their design, the features they offer, or the reputations of their authors.

Below are the best WordPress themes with innovative design in 2020. Also note that only paid WordPress themes will be featured, and not free themes. Then you will find that some of these themes are available on Theme forest, the largest WordPress theme sales platform.


Trail will present your projects with a nice parallax effect (a depth of travel effect). I was immediately hooked on the home page presentation. If you are a photographer and want to display your photos, I think they will be well promoted, provided they are of good quality.


New is an innovative WordPress theme that offers many customization possibilities. However, be careful not to get lost. Impressive results can be achieved, but it will take some time.


As its name implies, Ink is primarily intended for bloggers and people who work in the publishing field. However, if you want, you can easily turn it into a portfolio theme. Whichever option you choose, your visitors will have a great time on your site, for sure.


Sirius is a theme that I really like. I’ve already had the opportunity to introduce you to it during a selection of WordPress themes for photographers. With Sirius, everything is done to give primacy to the image at the expense of the text.

You can barely make out the menu, accessible via a hamburger icon on the left, which allows it to appear in a column.


Buzzblog is a WordPress design template that will allow you, as its name implies, to set up a blog or magazine. CPF (Custom Post Formats) will allow you to post multimedia content seamlessly.

Simple and minimalist, Buzzblog allows you to create many different types of blogs, thanks to around fifteen demos (fashion, travel, food, lifestyle, etc.) for the home page. I also really appreciated the multiple possible layouts for your blog posts (title above or below photo, parallax effect, presence or absence of a sidebar, etc.).


Gridlove stands out first for its style: it allows you to present your items in a grid. Great for displaying cold email templates. Various designs and screen sizes are possible for your content. The best thing about this topic is:

  • The possibility of assigning colors to your categories: this gives a warm side to the blog.
  • Be able to assign an article to multiple authors.
  • Infinite load with the “Load more” button.
  • Articles page only: It’s very modern with a full-featured cover image and slightly overlapping content.
  • The option to create a secondary child menu that is displayed with a hamburger icon.