MBA thesis tips – What to Do?


You think that the struggle of MBA ends with the last semester ending but little do you know that it is actually the beginning of the most stressful part of your entire degree. Yes, that is right. In the last year or semester, the thesis is assigned and on that depends the passing of your degree due to which you have to make sure to construct an exceptional thesis and get the degree you have invested your energy, efforts, and so much time. Are you stuck in your thesis writing? Following are some of the tips to help you get over the misery of thesis stress.

Wisely choose the best topic

Choosing the best topic is essential if you want to make your thesis writing process easier and less hectic. The topic should be of your interest as well as highly valuable for the field and industry. Therefore, you must commit to the absolute best topic on which not only you can write successfully but the teachers will also approve and then enjoy reading. If your topic is useless or less valuable, there would be a possibility of the teachers to reject it and then you will have to invest more time in thinking of a new topic.

Write an attractive and suitable proposal

The thesis proposal must be highly attractive and must provide valuable insight into your research plans. The proposal helps you to get the approval of the committee. You must include the topic of your research, brief introduction, methodology, main question and a few sources you will be losing. There is a proper format to follow while writing the thesis proposal which you can easily ask from MBA thesis writers and they will guide you about it professionally.

Your thesis advisor and supervisor is important!

Never underestimate your thesis advisor or supervisor as they are professional individuals who will help you to make your thesis worth an excellent grade starting from the topic to the conclusion. Make sure to take their advice and suggestions seriously and work on them. Thesis supervisors’’ job is to assist students in their thesis writing and push them towards excellence and success. Therefore, if you think that their suggestions and advice are useless and of no help, then you are wrong and must immediately change your opinions and thinking.

Keep track of work when you write

When you start writing the dissertation after collecting the data, make sure to keep a proper track of work done and work left. It will help you to align your time properly and finish the paper just at the right time and within the deadline. Additionally, also keep the track of word count of each section so that you do not overdo it and exceed the word limit.

Set completion goals and treat yourself

A very effective strategy to do quality work in the right time frame is to set small goals of completion and set rewards for each of the accomplishments. For example, set a goal of one to say to finish your abstract and on successful achievement, decide to reward yourself with a bar of chocolate. Similarly, for long sections and bigger goals, you can set some bigger goals like treating yourself a meal at your favorite restaurant. It increases motivation and helps the writers to speed up their skills and meet the deadlines.

Proofread and take reviews from others too

Lastly, proofreading is an important step to enhance the quality of your work. Always make sure to proofread your work after completing it will make it easier for you to eradicate any errors and mistakes. Therefore, never skip this particular step. Before proofreading, take a small break and relax your mind and then read your work with a clear mind. Additionally, also ask someone trusted to read your thesis and review it. It will help you get an unbiased insight to your work which is very helpful for the improvising of the final draft.
There is no doubt that thesis writing is quite difficult and tricky. Especially on the master’s level. However, discussed above are some great tips that will help you construct an excellent paper since the beginning so that you don’t have to put in a lot of effort in the end.