Beaches of Portugal: 4 Relaxing Spots to Go from Faro


Travelers go to Portugal for a holiday for many reasons: there’s a surprisingly comfortable climate, delicious and varied cuisine, and beautiful cities. But still its main feature is first-class beaches.

The number of beaches in Portugal is huge – you can choose from several hundred points throughout the country. However, the best ones are located on the Atlantic coast, near the city of Faro. The good news is that a high-quality roads lead to almost all of them, and there is a parking option. This means that a car from Zitauto Faro will be the easiest way to get to any beach, enjoying beautiful views along the road. The list of the best beaches to go from Faro is introduced below…

  1. Praia do Monte Clérigo

Praia do Monte Clérigo

(photo by Dirk)

This beautiful Portuguese beach is located very close, a few kilometers north of the Arrifana Bay. Monte Clerigo is quite large and crowded, and there are several reasons for this. Although the beach is bordered by majestic cliffs, it’s easily accessible by car. Awarded with the Blue Flag, Praia do Monte Clérigo boasts the cleanest fine sand and the necessary infrastructure.

In addition to lifeguards, medical center, showers and rental of sun beds and umbrellas, there is a surf school, a picnic area, full-fledged parking within walking distance, and several restaurants on one of the best beaches in southern Portugal.

Also, it’s the most suitable place for a holiday on the Atlantic Ocean with the whole family, because there’s a small lagoon and shallow pools, ideal for babies. The entrance to the water is smooth, so this is a good place even for those who are just learning to swim, as well as for taking beautiful photos of sunsets and views of the ocean.


  1. Praia da Marinha

Praia da Marinha - Outono 2008

(photo by Apolinário Pancinha)

The south of Portugal is famous for its luxurious golden beaches and caves hidden from prying eyes, and surrounded by high rocky ledges. The coastline of the Algarve is multifaceted and diverse. Wind and the Atlantic Ocean, characterized by powerful waves, give a special bizarre shape to each rock and stone, so the beaches of Portugal are unique and different.

Praia da Marinha has become the pearl of the coast – its beauty is simply amazing. Thanks to the spectacular views and the unearthly landscape, Praia da Marinha has won numerous awards and occupies prominent places in reviews of the world’s best beaches. According to TripAdvisor, this fabulous beach is considered to be one of the top 10 beaches in Europe. High golden cliffs and soft light sand, meeting with azure-blue water, create a unique atmosphere of a heavenly place at the edge of the world.

Also, Praia da Marinha is perfect for a romantic getaway on the Atlantic Ocean. You can get to the wonderful bay by car, by yacht or sightseeing boat. A trip on the water will turn the inspection of natural attractions into a pleasant adventure, because you can’t only admire the picturesque panorama from the shore, but also drive under natural arches, look into grottoes and other interesting places near the unusual Portuguese beach.


  1. Senhora da Rocha

 Praia da Nossa Senhora da Rocha

(photo by Renata Adriana)

If you prefer a quiet and lazy vacation on the Atlantic Ocean, the compact fishing town of Armação de Pêra will be the one of best destinations in Portugal.

Hereyou’ll find a fairly spacious but not too crowded Senhora da Rocha beach, which is marked by the Blue Flag for excellent service, modern equipment and cleanliness.

In addition to the beautiful views of the ocean, travelers can see the huge rock, which is crowned with a small church. This is an ideal place for taking panoramic shots of the oceanfront and for leisurely walks. The rock is notable for the fact that a natural tunnel passes through it, thus allowing you to reach another secluded beach of Cova Redonda, making amazing photos in a mysterious grotto at the same time.


  1. Praia da Falesia

Praia da Falesia, Portugal

(photo by hanny wagenaar)

Praia da Falesia is wide and rather long beach it stretches for almost 3 km in Albufeira resort town. It’s sandy, and the sand is very light and soft there. Pure water, a gentle sunset and the complete absence of stones on the sea bottom make swimming especially pleasant. The only drawback is that Praia da Falesia is not very comfortable for resting with children, as too steep stairs leads to the sandy strip.

However, conditions on Praia da Falesia are considered to be better than on many other beaches in Portugal. It’s really well equipped: there is a shower, toilets and equipment rental. For 15 Euros a day, you can rent deck chairs and umbrellas for two persons, or enjoy boating. Rescuers tirelessly observe order, making relaxing there even safer. Remember that you won’t find restaurants and eateries along the entire Falesia coastline, which means you definitely need to take food with you.

It’s better to come there from July till September. This period is the hottest and best for enjoying beach holiday as the water warms up to + 23-24 ° C, and you can swim in the ocean for a long time.