Most Excellent: How to Make Sure Your Employees Are the Best


Human capital is the most important component of any successful organization. Leaders within companies must create a platform to ensure their employees are successful. You can take pride in your role by implementing strategies to ensure your employees are winning every day at the office.

Hire the Right People

Bring people on board that believe in the company mission and are motivated by it. If you have to light a fire under your employees to get them to work, they’re not the right fit for the role. Be candid in the job interview about the good, bad, and ugly of the position to get the right people through the door.

Set Clear Expectations

You can’t expect your employees to be successful if they don’t know what is expected of them. Targets and goals help people strive towards a standard. Leaders need to hold their teams accountable to attain and surpass benchmarks using motivation and incentive systems.

Provide Sound Training

A leader is like a coach of any sports team. With solid fundamentals, you can propel average players to superstars. Train functional knowledge to execute the position to the top level, and ensure your team is caught up to speed on any technical skills using certification software. However, though it is easy to focus on trainings specific functions of the job, you should also spend time developing soft skills like problem solving and communication.

Give Feedback

Employees do not know the value of their work unless leaders provide feedback. Feedback is crucial for employees to stay engaged and grow in their positions. Follow the simple rule of coaching in confidence and praising in public to get the most out of people.

Autonomy Rules

There’s a reason you hired the employees who work for you. You believe they are the most qualified to get the job done without you having to micromanage them. Employees that are given flexibility within their role are proven to be happier and more willing to work for you. Work with your employees and ask for their input on problems. Watching every move that an employee makes indicates a lack of trust, and you’ll receive the same from your employees in turn.

Make Employees Feel Valued

The little things matter like saying “thank you” for a job well done. Leaders need to be humble and realize that nothing is possible without their employees. Create employee recognition programs and small perks for doing well. That excellent parking spot reserved for the employee of the month is a great way to improve employee morale.

With lots of preparation and a little luck, your office team can be top-notch. Believe in your employees, treat them with respect, and be prepared to be amazed.

Addy Reeds is a freelance writer from Eugene, Oregon. She discovered her passion for journalism while attending the University of Oregon. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook: @addyreeds1;