How to Spy on Facebook Messages With a Spy App

Facebook spy appp

Today, we get aware of world news by sitting at home. All of this is because of the internet, social media is a huge source of information, as we know about new technologies, surrounding situations or make contacts worldwide. Facebook is one of the oldest and popular social sites that connect millions of people and a broad platform for sharing information.

Almost every second person has a Facebook account, some use it for professional work, some use for fun, some used to get daily information about their specific interests, etc. But kids and employees get most affected by its use like kids/ teens start to join inappropriate content-based groups or bully unknown people, or some unknown person bullies them, and they get affected by it. Besides that, employees waste their working hours in using Facebook.

To prevent people from misuse of Facebook, spy technology comes up with a solution. Spy software provides special features that specifically spy on a targeted person’s Facebook account. TheOneSpy is one of the leading spy software that enables the user to spy on any Facebook with its unique featured base Facebook spy app. Let’s look deeply at its outstanding features that how they help users.

TheOneSpy Facebook Spy App

It is the most reliable cell phone spy app that performs dynamic functions to spy on targeted Facebook conversations. If your loved one or employee is misusing Facebook or wasting time on it, so you can get all activities of them in real-time and can prevent them on time.

As, we see that so many people expose their personal information and then face problems in the form of threats by hackers or misuse of information, etc. TheOneSpy Facebook spy app enables the user to fail the hunter’s effort and protect their loved ones from such stalkers.

Here, we will discuss the TOS Facebook spy app unique solutions for spying on chats.

TheOneSpy solutions for Spying on Facebook Chats

TheOneSpy provides 2 main ways with multiple features to spy on targeted person Facebook accounts. Let’s discuss both separately.

  • Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger empowers the user to spy on all the conversations going on targeted messenger. User can spy on all chats in real-time with 100% accuracy and can take action reliably.

With Facebook Messenger, a user can;

  • Monitor all sent and received messages on targeted messenger.
  • Have a look at all saved, deleted and last chatted contacts.
  • Spy on blocked contacts as well.
  • Monitor offline conversations as well.
  • Also track all voice messages, shared multimedia files, group chats, audio and video calls.
  • Facebook Screen Recorder

If a user is busy or working person, so the TOS empowers the user to record targeted Facebook activities and watch them later. User can send the command to the TOS could account for recording activities automatically.

With TOS Facebook Screen Recorder, you can:

  • record 1-minute short back-to-back videos and save them.
  • Read all sent and received messages.
  • Have a look at the targeted person Facebook friend list and block list as well.
  • Monitor all joined groups, pages, and liked events.
  • Spy on all shared media files and folders.
  • Also, get a history of all conversations with time and date.

TOS Facebook Spy App Compatibility

TOS has 3 plans, Android, Windows and MAC. TOS provides a Facebook spy app in all plans. It is compatible with all versions and models of Android, all windows, Mac and with other laptops as well.

How can you get the TOS Facebook Spy App?

Now, maybe you get wonder by knowing the TOS Facebook spy app unique solution and their multiple functions. You can easily adapt this technology in some easy ways. Here, we will discuss the TOS 3-minutes installation process with other necessary steps.

Step 1: Go to the TOS site and select a suitable package and plan according to the targeted device.

Step 2: Get the subscription and read the TOS mail related to the installation process.

Step 3: Follow the instructions and install the TOS Facebook spy app in the targeted device within three minutes. Or if you face any problems during installation, you can also take help from the TOS technical team.

Step 4: Go to your user could account and activate Facebook spy features. Now, you can immediately start spying on targeted Facebook.


It turns out that TOS Facebook spy app is an amazing solution for guardians and owners, so they can know all Facebook activities of the targeted person in real-time. It is a reliable and powerful spy app with brilliant spying features.