8 Innovative ways to preserve your travel memories

travel memories

One of the best ways to live a more fulfilled and happening life is to travel. Traveling provides us with adventures, knowledge, and experience that we cannot expect to gain by spending money on food and materialistic things.

The moments that we spend in exotic places or Snowy Mountain or blue beaches are what make us feel more alive. These moments stay with us forever. But unfortunately, when the trip gets over, we have nothing but memories. And we should preserve these memories, but how?

Creating albums is a great idea but no one likes those boring old photos album. There are new ways to do that. Similarly, taking souvenirs from the places we travel is also not that interesting idea because we cannot place all of the souvenirs in our house. Most of the time, they are in a box inside our wardrobe. So, what can we do? Well, in this blog, we will look at a few innovative ways to preserve our travel memories.

Let’s begin…

1. Create a scrapbook

If you love to collect souvenirs like stamp or train tickets and so on, but they are always in a box after you come home, this is a great idea. You can buy a scrapbook and start creating a travel memoir for yourself. Dedicate one or two pages to one destination and paste train tickets or stamps and even one photo of yourself having fun at one of the most beautiful places that you visited on your trip.

2. Build a photo travel book

You must have taken a lot of photos on your trip, why not use it to build a photo travel book. I don’t mean that you print a lot of photos and put them in an album. Choose a travel book with pages and paste your favorite photos from your trip to it. Don’t give more than two or three pages to one destination.

You want to remember your trip, and if you went to two-three cities, it is best to put a few best photos from the trip on one page. Lave the rest of the pages for other trips that you will take in the future. In one book, all your travel memories will find a place.

3. Get postcards

You can also buy unique postcards while traveling, and write one of the most amazing moments that you had there on it. It will help you remember your travel memories, and also have a souvenir from your trip.

You can even send a postcard to your friends and family to let them know where you are, and how much fun you are having.

4. Create a memory list

Another amazing idea to preserve your travel memories is to make a memory list. It is like a shopping list which you can either make on your phone, or you can buy a notebook which is specific to making a memory list of your travels.

In a memory list or a book as it will become, you can make a list of every moment that made you laugh or cry or jump from excitement. It can be as big as climbing your first trek or trying a heavenly dish. If you have a picture, paste it too but not a big one. Get passport size photo and paste it.

5. Make a collage and make a big wallpaper of it and hang in your room

If you are bored of printing your photos and getting it framed, then this is something new. You can create a collage of your vacation. Include two or three tips and make wallpaper out of it and hang it on your wall. You can use Canva to create wallpaper using your photos.

6. Create a video of your trip

When you are on a trip, especially an international trip, you certainly take a lot of pictures. Now, instead of putting all these pictures or videos in a pen drive or computer, make a video. A long video probably a minute or two minutes long of all your favorite pictures is a great idea. You will re-live your trip whenever you will see that video.

7. Paint your favorite travel memory

One of the ways to print your travel memory for wall hanging is canvapop. In this, you get your favorite travel memory painted on a canvas, and then you can hang it on your wall. You can paint a series of images to create a visual story of your travel.

8. Start a travel blog

Another great way to preserve your travel memories is by creating a travel blog. Not only you preserve every detail about your travel, but you can also share tips and your knowledge with others.

What innovative ways do you use to preserve your travel memory? Tell me in the comments below.