How Magento 2 Store Locator Extension Can Complement Your E-commerce Website?


In the course of the past decade, e-commerce has become more powerful than ever, quickly mainstreaming into every region, demographic and computing platform. Fast speed internets, advanced mobile devices, and the ever-expanding consumer segment, e-commerce has now become an inseparable part of our lives. But even though e-commerce has reformed the traditional shopping practices, the importance and need for physical stores for online brands undeniable.

Every online store, office, warehouse, or factory needs a physical address to conduct business, become legally compliant, and direct its customers towards the location. Providing this information plays a key role in the ultimate success of the business, allowing it to be found by customers and become legitimate to conduct operations. Sadly, due to poor navigation, bad store design, and marketing negligence, many online stores not only fail to properly organize this information on their websites, but some even don’t bother mentioning it. This results in bad user experience and severely affects the sales potential of the business. With store locator extension Magento 2 you can not only display your store address but instantly share driving directions with the customer based on their nearest location.

Allows Customization on Store Page

The extension creates a dedicated store locator page that is fully customizable. The stores will also be shown on the listings page along with other important information you would like to add. You can change store locator page title, sub-headings & URL, improve page rankings through SEO settings, configure Google map settings, add custom anchor text and enable it to the footer link of your page.

Create Dedicate Page for Each Store

Merchants can create an individual page for each of their stores to display important information such as store location on Google, opening timings, holidays, product lists, and other descriptions. This allows the customer to easily find the location of the store and verify if the store will be open or not when planning the visit. Often customers are able to locate the store but face uncertainty about the opening hours. By mentioning these important details on the dedicated page, the merchant can prevent bad experience and improve store sales.

Search Stores by Address

Store locator Magento 2 offers advanced search features that can find stores based on the address entered by the customer. Once the address is entered, the extension will show the stores available in that location with driving directions. This helps customers locate stores in areas which are near to them or around their travel route.

Add Custom Tags

To further improve customer user experience, the extension allows merchants to create custom tags which makes the stores identifiable on Google maps. These tags can be easily created from the backend such as Official Store, Franchise, Company Outlet, and warehouse, etc. these tags can be added with locations such as New York, Chicago, Beijing to make the results more accurate.

Set Default Zoom

Merchants can configure the map zoom features to help customers view the exact location on the map with ease. The default zoom shows the map magnified according to the specific location which helps the customer to easily pinpoint the location without clicking. You can also set the default latitude and longitude on the map.

Add Store Details With Simple File Upload

To streamline the process, merchants can add store locations and other important details simply by importing a CSV file. This significantly saves time by adding store data through one file upload instead of adding the details separate on each store location. Merchant can organize the store data in the CSV file and upload it from the backend all at once.

Improves SEO

One of the biggest advantages of installing the store locator Magento 2 extension is the marketing edge it gives on search engines. Through advanced SEO features, merchants can optimize their store locator pages by setting targeted keywords, meta titles, and meta descriptions for each store page, boosting local SEO and rankings on Google SERPs.

Helps Search Stores Around Customer Radius

With the advanced search features customers able to easily search stores around their radius. Customers can also change the default distance radius to increase the search area. To provide optimum usability, merchants can set the default radius from the back end.

Final Word

Having a reliable store search feature is imperative to help the customer locate the physical address of your online store. This becomes particularly important when there are products that involve return and exchange privileges in case the product arrived is not as described, defected, or the customer has changed their mind. In other cases, there could be a product that may not be available on the store but stocked in another physical store location. Therefore, a user-friendly store locator feature is crucial for providing a positive user experience, building trust, and securing a strong digital footprint on search engines.