How to Upgrade Your House Into a Luxury Home

Modern luxury home with big windows and fancy lighting

If you want to make your house less ordinary and more extraordinary, getting the right upgrades can transform your living space into a more luxurious abode. Updating certain areas of your home will allow you to live in greater comfort and will also make your living space a better place for entertaining friends and family. Here are some of the best upgrades that can help turn your house into a luxury home.

Stained Glass

Stained glass is a classic touch whether you transform a bathroom window or your front door. This adds elegance and class to any home while also providing you with privacy. The light coming in through the stained glass treatment will be sure to dance around your living area bringing a sense of whimsy. You can achieve this look on a dime with stained glass film and install it yourself if you can’t afford to install actual art. If you do it right, nobody will be able to tell the difference. You can even add self-adhesive lead piping to make it look more realistic. It’s as easy as playing with stickers.

Modern Paint Job

If you home is 50 shades of creams and browns from your last paint job 2 decades ago then you are in dire need of an upgrade. Making sure that you achieve the feel of elegance in your home is partly in being able to keep a modern aesthetic. Choose whatever color story will go well with you home, but a fresh coat of paint can really revitalize a room and make different design elements come together.

Statement Chandeliers

They say that a first impression can’t be done twice. This is the same with your guests when they come into your house.  If you have an antiquated light fixture in your entrance you should change it to one that adds a touch of modern je ne sais quoi. This can set the tone for the rest of your house and elevate it from drab by adding a sense of luxury. It’s easy nowadays to shop for modern fixtures and international imports with online shopping. Just make sure that you let professional G B electrical contractors do the install. It’s important to not try to do electrical work yourself for safety reasons. Keep your eyes on a statement piece that will make everyone audibly gasp with joy when they enter your home.

Customized Cabinetry

Clutter is not cute. Whether your home has your collections or is filled with your children’s toys you should have the clutter put away. There is something luxe about being able to have everything organized with a specific place to put it. Not only is the house clean of clutter, but having hidden storage compartments that were made with your own specific needs in mind is a luxury that one appreciates with age and wisdom. Many spacious home look spacious not because they are empty, but because everything is in it’s place. Now, that is a sophisticated and sexy home.

Master Bathroom

For couples the master bathroom is the place where they get ready for a long day of work. This is the sanctuary where you are able to take care of your own needs while the kids are asleep. Make sure that you are able to step away from the world and into your self-care routine whether it’s with gorgeous marble tile treatments, a double rain shower, or a deep tub with a waterproof television. Whatever your morning and night routine are you want to make sure that you have a clutter free space where you can relax while you put your makeup on and when you wash it off. Consider installing smart speakers so your shower karaoke sessions can help you start the day with an extra sense of energy.

Theater Room

There is something very impressive about being able to have a theater room in your home. Not only has technology become more accessible and televisions larger, but the clarity has become exceptional. You can even have stadium seating installed with recliner seats so everyone has a comfortable spot to binge their favorite shows and movies. Consider having a mini fridge stocked with sodas and a popcorn machine. Warning, you may never want to leave your house again.

Install Smart Devices

Many of today’s devices for the home are made with smart technology so that they are easier to operate and function more efficiently. Smart locks, which can be locked and unlocked with a mobile device instead of a standard key, can provide you with better security and will make your home feel more like an exclusive luxury resort. Smart technology also works great for garage door openers, thermostats and security cameras.

Use a Digital Room Planner

With the use of digital technology, a digital planner lets you know how each room will look after certain upgrades are made. This will give you a better opportunity to experiment with ideas and make changes to your original plans before any home improvements are done. Some companies know how to create a digital room planner so that your smart home will be complete. You can try different furniture arrangements for different rooms in your home and see how each piece will fit according to the size and layout of each room.

Add Soundproofing

Outside noises can be intrusive and make you feel less comfortable in your home. If you want to make your living environment seem more like a private luxury resort, soundproofing certain rooms can be an excellent choice. Soundproofing materials can be added to walls and ceilings to block unwanted outside noises. Soundproof paint can also be applied to achieve the desired effect. You may even want to consider having soundproof windows installed.

Transform Your Patio

Your indoor space isn’t the only area of your home that can be upgraded to create a more luxurious environment. The right improvements to your patio can make spending time outdoors more fun and relaxing. Outdoor kitchens that come complete with ovens, sinks and small refrigerators often work great for patios. High-quality patio furniture that’s comfortable to sit on will be great for you and your guests. Installing a fire pit can also add more luxurious appeal.

Turning your home into a more luxurious setting can be done with the right modifications. Performing these upgrades will likely be well worth your time and investment. Luxury is not just about money, but an attitude. Consider making your home the best version of itself and making sure that it meets your needs and not the other way around.