How to Reduce Your Desire to Drink?



It is a well known fact that poor diet could lead to various problems, including alcohol consumption. One of the unwanted effects of malnourishment is alcohol abuse. Hypoglycemia could cause reciprocal effects when we have poor control on ourselves. Low blood sugar may cause people to crave alcohol, while alcohol abuse will further intensify low blood sugar. A big drop in blood sugar level could cause us to crave for food, including alcohol, as our physical response to increase the blood sugar level. People, who have both alcoholism and low sugar level, tend to have aggravated emotional and mental problems. Symptoms may include rapid heartbeat, sweating, hunger, anxiety, headache, dizziness, depression, confusion and visual disturbance.

Caffeine also has connection with our alcohol intake and both may fuel a dangerous cycle that lead to nutritional depletion. Caffeine is a substance that can be seen as a physical stressor. It causes dehydration, promotes mineral loss and upsets blood sugar level. If you are vulnerable to alcoholism, it is a good idea to avoid coffee entirely. When you have alcohol problem, the first thing that you do is to eat well. Your diet must be nourishing and well balanced. It means that you need to eat enough raw fruits and vegetables with high dietary fiber. This will protect us against the negative effects of alcohol consumption. Alcohol may have toxic effects on our body if there’s nutritional deficiency. If you have problem with alcohol abuse, it is important to increase the amount of vitamin, mineral, micronutrients and antioxidants, so you are able to clear alcohol from your blood more effectively.

Vitamin B complex could actually help you to get good relief from symptoms of hangover. You may also use miso soup to get the same effects. While you are attempting to control your drinking habit, you should ensure that your body is well stocked with enough nutrients. It is important to know that low protein and carbohydrate diets could cause various damaging effects. A balanced diet will make it more efficient for your body to excrete and metabolize your body. It is also a good thing for you to drink enough water and you need to become well hydrated. Dehydration can make you feel thirsty and many people don’t regularly drink plain water. If not soda, they grab the nearest alcoholic beverages, such as beer to quench their thirst. You need to re-learn drinking plain water again and it’s a good idea to have fresh fruit juice, to get both the water and the needed nutrients.

Before going out, you should drink enough water and it may be essential to bring a bottle of water with you. So, when you are thirsty, you will drink water instead of buying something from the convenience store.  It should also be very beneficial if you are able to have regular exercises each day. This is important if you want to remove waste from your body.  Professional helps may be needed if your long term alcoholic addiction can be considered as chronic.