How to Choose the Right Food Processor?



Food processors are mandatory in any kitchen and they are also used by serious cooks and professional chefs. Modern food processors are compact and quite affordable. They are available in a host of sizes and colors. Modern food processors no longer have a single function and they have become the jack of all trades in the kitchen. With special attachments, you may knead the bread dough or chop onions. There are many things that can be done with modern food processors. When choosing food processors, you should check the size of the bowl. As an example, a 3-cup bowl should be enough for dicing celery, onions and carrots. But if you want to turn a bunch of tomatoes into marinara, then a 20-cup bowl is more appropriate. It is also important to determine whether we want to use the processor for occasional or everyday use. It means that you need to know what you typically cook occasionally or often.

Food processors often vary in the wattage power. Powerful food processors will be able to deal with ingredients very quickly, due to their strong spinning blades. A low-end model may have 400W of power, while the high-end one could deliver 1,200W. On average, you should be able to do well with a 600W food processor, which should be suitable for most daily tasks, such as pulverizing, chopping, slicing and dicing. We should make sure that we are able to guide the ingredient relatively without causing it to back up. The blades should be checked, because they are the actual components that process our food. Even the cheapest food processors, often come with different kinds of blades. There’s separate blade for pureeing, grating, shredding and other tasks. It is important to make sure that these blades are durable. If the quality isn’t sufficient, it will eventually get dull and the results will be messy and not as good.

We should read what’s included with the food processor, as an example, it may come with citrus juicers, beaters and whisks. Check whether all the attachments are included. Some people are concerned with style, when they are choosing their kitchen equipments. Standard food processors have regular designs with white color. However, there sleek food processor design with stainless steel cover that may better match your kitchen design. There are also different colors of food processor that could match your toaster and coffeemaker. Another important factor is safety, because we are talking about device with rapidly spinning blades that can cut meat into small pieces in a heartbeat. Check whether the food processor is stable enough when it runs at full speed and at full weight. It is better if the processor has non-skid legs, so it won’t vibrate too much during high speed operations.