How to Outsmart Burglars


Burglars are known as resourceful and smart individuals. What they do is highly risky and they need to use cunning strategy to take valuable items from others and get away with them. Burglary is a common thing in many areas and the frequency can be higher during a down economy. You need to take all the necessary precautions by outsmarting these burglars. You shouldn’t wrongly assume that burglary happens only in risky areas. In reality, even a normally safe area can be affected by burglary and various criminal acts. Burglary often happens at night, but if they see an opportunity, burglars could also act during the day. There are ways that you can do to prevent the occurrence of burglary, as an example, by installing security alarm systems as a way to monitor your surrounding and your own property.

The presence of a security alarm system should be enough to deter burglars from entering homes. You should also add security cameras and make them visible to people in the neighbourhood. Obviously, cameras should be kept safe themselves. You can place them in high areas and you also need to get them caged with strong steel bars. It means that burglars won’t even be able to steal these cameras without taking too much effort. A good camera should allow you to identify suspicious individuals. In order to prevent burglars from hiding, you should trim trees and cut back bushes. It is better to have a lawn with minimal amount of plants, if you are concerned that thick bushes can be used as hiding places by potential burglars. Also, burglars often use low hanging tree branches to access the second floor of the targeted houses.

It is also essential for you not leave any spare key outside in a supposedly secret hiding place. Burglars can be diligent enough to explore all the nooks and crannies near your main door, such as under the plants. If you plan to have a vacation, you should contact the newspaper and mail company to stop sending you their items temporarily. You should create a sense that your home is harder to rob compared to other houses by putting signs that your home has complete security system and a big dog. Skilled robbers may be able to defeat any security system but they will likely choose less protected houses to save time and reduce risks of being caught. Prevention is always based on strong deterrence and if your house seems to be intimidating enough, burglars are often deterred and they will choose other houses.

It is even better if you are able to install advanced versions of security alarm systems, which can be based on digital technology. It means that the system can be monitored and controlled remotely. The system could also be connected with your lighting systems, motorized curtain and stereo system. Burglars will think that someone is in the house if the curtain is opened during the day and they hear the slight thumping sound of music from the house.