Unforgettable Trip: 6 Unique Hotels to Diversify Your Stay


Finding the right hotel is one of the most important things when planning your trip. Temporary residence can both spoil your vacation and make it truly unforgettable. Of course, most travelers are accustomed to ordinary hotels, but there are places to stay that will change your idea of ​​an exciting vacation.

So, we have compiled a list of some of the most unique hotels in the world: among them there are both simple and extravagant options, as well as super modern and also nature-friendly lodgings.

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  1. Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, Norway

The hotel is almost entirely composed of ice and snow and fits perfectly into the Norwegian landscape. Such a unique combination of interior and surrounding nature makes it one of the most beautiful hotels in the world. It’s built every fall, and in January it opens its doors to visitors. In summer, the hotel melts and the whole process starts from the very beginning.

The temperature at the 30-room Igloo Hotel ranges around -6°C and in order not to freeze, guests should wrap themselves in blankets and deer fur. The hotel is close to the Alta River and boasts saunas, hot tubs and other spa treatments. This is probably the most amazing destination you can imagine.


  1. Montana Magica Lodge, Chile

Shaped in an anthill, the Chilean hotel allows visitors to feel part of the forest. Montana Mágica Lodge is very organic and actually blends in with the environment. Also, there’s waterfall near the building, which adds even more appeal to the whole setting. All furnishing is carved from various trees that create incredible comfort.

However, despite its natural appearance, the 13-house provides a number of modern amenities, such as a sauna, Jacuzzi bath, bar and golf course.


  1. Arte Luise Kunsthotel, Germany

Located in Berlin, this hotel is a sanctuary for art lovers and tourists alike. Each of the 50 rooms was created according to the project of a particular artist or designer.

Another plus is that Arte Luise Kunsthotel offers its rooms at surprisingly reasonable prices. And since each room was designed in its own style, you can reserve a room based on your own artistic preferences.

The artists who worked on the Arte Luise Kunshotel were given complete creative control over the entire process. They chose everything from style to furnishing and decoration. This explains the diversity of images and the lack of a single style. Some rooms are made in a simple, classic style with a black and white vertical strip on the walls.


  1. Sala Silvermine Hostel, Sweden

In the mines, near the small town of Sala, you can find the deepest underground hotel in the world, which is situated more than 150 meters underground.

The hotel, similar to the Mines of Moria from The Lord of the Rings, offers its guests rooms in the most minimalist style imaginable.

Also, here you can enjoy a tour of the underground mines in which the rooms are built. Suites provide guests with the most comfortable conditions with free breakfast, however here you can see a minimal amount of furnishing – there’s only one bed and two armchairs in each room.


  1. Hotel Pantone, Belgium

While some hotels are famous and unique due to the use of some main color in the interior, Hotel Pantone, on the contrary, shows all the riot of colors! This hotel in Brussels is associated with a rainbow.

Each room is a combination of white color with various bright colors. Hotel employees are sure that each room reflects its emotion or feeling, therefore Hotel Pantone allows you to try out different colors and choose the room that matches your current mood.


  1. Nhow Berlin, Germany

Modern, futuristic, fashionable, and vibrant – this is how you can describe another German hotel. Designed by Serg Choban, it was created as a monastery for musicians, although any guest will appreciate the beautiful colors, texture and modern design elements.

Nhow Berlin provides a number of unusual services, including you can play for free on the Gibson Melody Maker or the Casio keyboard instrument, which will be delivered directly to your room! Musically sophisticated hotel guests will surely enjoy the radio with hundreds of radio stations. The hotel also has two recording studios and an art gallery. Nhow provides the perfect setting for writing music, making its territory a musician’s paradise!