How to distinguish a potential customer from a potential customer when the marketing definition tells us that a potential customer is generally known as a potential customer. The prospecting actions you implement allow you to qualify these potential customers. Capturing your target audience is the foundation for them to become customers with you and understand your journey as a customer.

Here are three marketing levers that will allow you to capture the level of interest from your prospects and optimize understanding of your customer journey.


 Make contact during events.

You are a dynamic company in your industry and choose to be present at networking events, such as trade fairs. This is a relevant way of approaching the consumer directly according to their interest. The prospect comes to you and you get in touch quickly.

It is an excellent approach to increase your visibility and awareness with your competitors, but also to create a qualitative experience with your potential customers. Making contact allows you to qualify the needs of your prospects before sending their knowledge, through their means of communication (brochures, catalogs, etc.).

The strength of your business speech will encourage your prospects to check your website, participate in your contests, subscribe to your newsletter, like your Facebook page … All of these marketing tools will allow you to rate your prospects as according to your expectations and / or needs.


 After an email campaign.

Optimizing, through segmentation, your email campaigns is essential to increase profitability. Qualifying your leads is essential to ensure deliverability (by passing all filters during email) and to increase the number of leads.

“According to an IBM study, almost 17% of emails never reach the recipient’s inbox. This rate may even increase to 20% for professional email addresses.” This shows how cold emails are effective and needed more than ever.

Among the prospects sent to your email campaign, you can quantify leads using email tools. Relaunching after your email campaign will allow you to optimize the qualification of your prospects. Look at your opening rates to determine the number of leads obtained.


Your visitors download your catalog.

Their prospect becomes “attractive” when they download your catalog. Feel free to implement all the means at your disposal to revive it. Assess the needs of your prospects because he is a potential customer right now.

But know how to capture your audience at all times to enrich your “future” customer experience. A multi-channel presence will show its dynamism and reactivity. The phone reminder still has many good years ahead of it to take over, when you’ve identified the maturity of your prospects.