How Thermal Imaging Cameras Work?


Thermal imaging cameras work by translating heat or thermal energy into visible light that we can easily see. Visible images that are produced by these cameras are known as thermogram. It’s analyzed using a process known as thermography. Any object usually radiates thermal energy. To sense the thermal energy, a tool known as microbolometer is used. It has an array that uses different materials, including vanadium and amorphous silicon. When thermal energy hits the panel, its electrical resistance will change. The variation of resistance will be given temperature value. The thermogram module will assign color shades for these temperature values. If you want to get images that are clearer, you should choose microbolometer array with higher resolution. The camera should also have good thermal sensitivity. As an example, a good camera should be able to sense 0.05 degrees Celsius of difference. So, for each slight thermal difference, a shade of color will be assigned. Captured images can be stored in memory card or transferred to a PC using cables.

When choosing thermal imaging cameras, you should consider their field of view. There should also the ability to add lenses, such as close-up, wide and telephoto. It should also support video output to other devices, such projector, TV and computer. Standard refresh rate should be 60Hz, so it will comfortable to watch. Some advanced models have touch screen feature and the ability to focus lens automatically. The camera should have rugged design and reliability, because it may need to work nonstop. There are different uses of thermal imaging cameras. As an example, these cameras can be used to analyze structures for moisture damage, heat loss, excess heat build-up and other costly flaws.

You may also use thermal imaging cameras for various preventative maintenance with mechanical and electrical equipment. Overloading and excessive wear generate hear that can be seen by a thermal camera. Heat build up can be quite significant and it’s easily visible on the camera. So, before wear and tear completely damage the equipment, preventative maintenance task can be performed immediately.  Thermal imagers should work well in many production systems and any potential problem areas can be pointed out. For medical purposes, thermal imagers can be used to provide insight into the condition inside human body.

Abnormal tissue growth and poor blood flow could cause temperature differences inside our body. Blood flow that’s near our skin will generate health build up, because blood is warmer than other tissue in our body. It means that any issue that causes the accumulation of heat could be detected relatively easily with well-designed thermal imaging camera. You shouldn’t hesitate to inquire nearest stores about how these thermal imaging cameras may help your business. Even for regular homeowners, affordable thermal imaging cameras can provide better security. Heat signature of a burglar is significantly higher than cool surrounding at night time. When a person’s body heat is detected inside the property, alarm can be sounded to wake up the homeowner. All lights inside the property can be switched on to deter these burglars.