Home Privacy: What Kind of Screens Are the Right Fit for Your Home?


Often overlooked or discounted, privacy is an essential quality for ensuring a more comfortable household. The addition of an outdoor privacy screen can allow you to create a more secluded atmosphere for your porch, deck, or garden as well as shielding interior rooms and environments from prying eyes. Selecting the right design and style of screen can also benefit the surrounding landscape and allow you to beautify your home’s exterior. It’s always important to understand local weather and other limitations that will prevent you from getting one of the screens listed below. By following the tips below, you can help ensure that you have a great looking privacy screen while keeping your home stylish and up to date.


Ideal for situations where a little extra privacy is needed, slimline screens feature a minimalist look which makes for a low-key addition that is less likely to dominate the surrounding landscape. These screens are also a great option for use near gardens, lawns, and landscape features that may require plenty of sunlight. This is really nice when you want privacy, but you need to allow sunlight in as well. Situations like having plants in your home and animals that like a lot of light make this type of screen really great for you. Slimline screens can also be used sparingly or in concert with other styles of screens, an option which makes for an eye-catching accent. This makes it nice because you can reinforce other types of privacy screens by using this as a secondary layer, similar to how a shower curtain works, but for your windows. This makes it very versatile and usable in a wide variety of circumstances.


A little more substantial than slimline designs, lattice screens feature a timeless and elegant design pattern that compliments a wide range of landscaping features, fencing and exterior trim. Lattice work can be extremely delicate and ornate, adding style and class to any home design. Especially popular for use near gardens or near porches, decks and patios, lattice screening can work very well with ivy and other climbing plants. This is a traditional look that is really familiar with a lot of people, making it a good idea if you are trying to sell your home, as it will attract many different buyers. In addition, it fits with a lot of different styles. This makes it really nice because you can remodel you home but keep the lattice work screens that you already have, which could save you money in the long run. Perhaps the best option for creating a more rustic atmosphere or a timeless exterior, lattice screens are a versatile option with a lot to offer.


Sleeker and more stylish that most wooden screens, glass privacy screens pair very well with most modern and post-modern architectural styles as well as exterior designs that feature a more minimalist look. Available in a wide range of finishes, these screens range from mostly translucent to entirely opaque and are a versatile option able to fit a variety of situations and needs. This means that you can have a great looking home while still keeping your privacy in mind. This is especially nice for something like an apartment building where the are a lot of different units all together. Another option with glass screens are tinting. Tinting options are becoming more popular and not only help provide privacy, but also help protect your furniture and belongings against UV rays. When you are getting this type of privacy screen, make sure to consider things like the look of your home as well as any local area codes that you may need to deal with. As always, make sure that a professional is the one to do the installation so that the tinting is done well.


Blackout screens offer a degree of privacy that slimline, lattice and most glass options are unable to rival. While a less effective choice in situations where restricting sunlight may cause problems, blackout screening provides the greatest level of privacy possible. A good screen for creating a more secluded home when living near high-traffic environments or busy streets. This is perfect for rooms like a bedroom or bathroom where privacy is a premium. If you want to make sure no light gets in at all, a blackout screen or curtain is great for you. The main concern with blackout screens is that they don’t always look as elegant as other options. However, there are many good-looking options that you can still consider when choosing this type of privacy screen. This is also a really good option for second floor windows or windows that don’t face a public street, as these areas are not always as concerned with their aesthetic appeal.

In addition to improving privacy in both interior and exterior environments, quality privacy screening can flatter the surrounding landscape as well as highlight key features of your home’s exterior design. Finding the right option for your next landscaping project or exterior renovation is not a matter that should be left to chance. From the minimal look of glass and slimline screens to casual elegance of lattice screening, there are design styles and options to fit every need, space and design aesthetic. By finding a privacy screen that fits well with your needs, you can help enhance the appeal of your home while simultaneously providing the extra comfort that you need.