Activewear Brands You Should Consider In 2021


The fashion industry always changes due to the different brands that come and go in the market. Activewear is the same as well. It is not only spotted inside the gym, but it can be very popular within the streetwear community as well. If you are ever stuck on what you should wear when going to the supermarket, going for a casual drink or heading to the airport, put on a tracksuit or some gym leggings and you will be bang on trend!

The science behind activewear is constantly improving and so is the quality of clothing. Here are some activewear brands that are popular in 2021 and you should consider!



Adidas is one of the top tier brands when it comes to fashion and gym wear. They have been extremely popular within the football community as well. Making many kits for football teams over the years, Adidas has made football kits for teams like Manchester United, Arsenal, Juventus, Real Madrid and many more. They are one of the biggest kit makers in football. 

They are a great brand for your gym wear. Supplying many items such as t-shirts, shorts, gym leggings and full tracksuits. There are a variety of clothes that you can buy off many websites such as ASOS and JD, as well as their own website. They are one of the best brands within the activewear industry and their clothing is priced well. This is definitely a brand that you should consider adding to the wardrobe. Adidas also provides some fantastic shoes for athletes which are some of the best on the market. 



You cannot mention Adidas without following it up with their biggest competitor, Nike. Their activewear is definitely one of the best out there due to the research they put in. Their dri-fit clothing range is something that took the activewear industry by storm. It is thinner than your typical activewear clothing yet it is stronger, not to mention it remains dry if you break a sweat on the treadmill or get caught out in bad weather conditions.

Just like Adidas, Nike has a wide range of clothing on their website, priced roughly the same as Adidas as well. The Nike site is not short of stock and has plenty on there for all genders and sizes. Nike is arguably better quality due to the dri-fit technology. However, there is not much difference between the two brands when it comes to the comfort and quality of their clothing.



This is a brand that has become extremely popular over the last decade. It is a favourite for females due to the quality of the gym leggings that they make. They are amazing for literally any type of activity. Workouts, hiking or even just binging Netflix all day. It is a great brand when it comes to gym wear. 

Lululemon is pricey yet it is worth every penny. It is not just the comfort of the clothing that makes the price worthwhile. It is the durability of the clothing that also adds to its value. This is a clothing brand that you do not wear for a year and throw it away, instead it is one that you have for many years which is great for the environment. They also provide clothing for men but it is a brand that you will see more on women. 



This is a brand that had to be on this list. Gymshark is one of the most popular gym wear brands in the United Kingdom. Their flexible, comfy and highly durable clothing has completely taken the industry by storm, not to mention that it looks great for the price you pay for it. 

Gymshark leggings are very popular for gym-goers as well. They are breathable, flexible and very supportive which is just a few of the reasons why they are so popular. Gymshark keeps up with the trends of the fashion industry as well and puts their activewear on the market at an affordable price. 

This is a brand that is popular for both males and females that go to the gym. It also is stylish enough as casual wear on the streets. This is a brand that competes with Lululemon for not only its quality and style but also its price as well. 

ASOS 4505


ASOS are usually selling other branded gym wear clothing on their website. It was not until recent years that they decided to bring out their own activewear clothing. It is gym wear on a budget yet it is great for those gym-goers. It is actually quite comfy as well and some of their clothing fits really well.

The durability and quality of the clothing are very questionable. Nonetheless, you cannot argue about those with the price that you pay for it. The material is quite thin, so it is probably something that you will avoid wearing outside. However, it is perfect for inside the gym as it keeps you cool whilst you break a sweat on the treadmill. ASOS have also tried their own dri-fit technology but is not as good as Nike’s dri-fit material. 

ASOS is great for their gym legging as well. They pass the squat test and are not too revealing when you are stretching them. Although, they are on the slightly thicker side which can soon cause you to break into a sweat. 

ASOS 4505 is definitely a brand that you should try out, especially if you are tight on a budget. The quality is not the best on this list, though for the price you cannot complain too much. 


To Conclude

There are many activewear brands out there that all compete with one another. Some are great for the price, some are great for the quality and others are just great for streetwear. Yes, activewear can be expensive, but it can also be very cheap as well. If you are new to the gym and just getting into the routine, then you will not want to spend too much on some gym wear!