Get Ready For The Trip: Packing List For Germany


Are you packing a valise to Germany? Are you going to take your jacket or a swimming suit? Just stop, breathe in, and read these helpful tips on how to pack for Germany. Of course, your packing list depends on the season when you are traveling and the journey time. Obviously, your packing list includes something for rain, for sun, for any travel occasion. What are the essential elements of your packing list?

What luggage are you packing?

Check all these things before you go:


Wallet: some travelers prefer money belts to a usual wallet. In a money belt, you can keep your money, credit cards, and documents safe and always at hand.

Some cash: you may need some cash during a trip. Take just enough money to buy some snacks in a roadside shop and pay for a bus, if you are going to use a bus or any other public transport.

Driver’s license: you will definitely need a driver’s license to hire a car. Munich airport car hire will give the biggest choice of modern vehicles at any taste. 

Smartphone: this important item contains everything you may need during the trip. Your personal gadget can be your telephone for speaking and texting, a wallet, a map, an internet receiver. Just don’t forget to check if your sim card is valid in Germany. 

Photography equipment

Germany is full of beautiful landscapes and sights. Pack your camera. You can take really good photos and films. First of all, hire a car to see more interesting places. Don’t forget that film and photography equipment in Munich are expensive.

Credit Cards In Wallet 2



Get ready for Munich weather!

This city is located very close to the Alps. The climate is often rainy. Do you have a brilliant idea to grab your family in a hired car and take them for a picnic, don’t forget a raincoat? Remember, a perfectly sunny day can suddenly change for a downpour. Even in the heat of the summer, an umbrella is A MUST.



What clothes pack for Germany?

As you already know, the weather in Munich can be unpredictable. The best strategy for clothes is packing layers. How many days are you going to stay in Germany? For a week you need 4-5 different layers on the condition that you will do laundry twice a week and have something in reserve.

Munich is a noisy city full of bars and nightclubs. No doubt, you may need to bring a dress to go out. Traveling by a hired car you’ll have more space for luggage so that you can take a pair of elegant shoes to finish it off.

Lower body

  • Lower body needs high-quality shorts, trousers, and skirts made of natural materials. By the way, when travelling in a hot season it is better to take clothes made of light materials. 


  • Even if you prefer skirts or shorts to trousers, you’d better pack at least one pair of light-weight pants. Why? Wear them to protect your legs while touring the mountains, woods.


  • Pack warm items for winter. Cold German weather needs warm and comfortable clothing. Even when traveling by hired car, you’d better have a pair or two of jeans so that you will always look good and feel comfortable, in the car or on the street.

Upper body

  • Layered clothes suppose having a couple of light shirts and T-shirts in your valise. Also, it would be great to have a couple of light long-sleeved tops for cold weather. If you hire a car to go to the countryside, a light long-sleeved pajama is a must.


  • Traveling in winter or cold autumn you may need a coat or a warm jacket. Of course, you may not need to wear a coat in a hired car or in a plane. But you badly need it during your trip.


  • It seems obvious to buy a high-quality base layer. You can’t travel without a base layer top and thermal tight in the coldest weather. The top is unnoticed under a shirt or sweater and provides excellent warmth and comfort.

new balance shoes



Your underwear can be both, cheap or expensive, whatever. It might help you to stay cool in the summer and also avoid chafing. Think of your comfort and pick the best variant according to the season.


Germany is extremely interesting for walking. You are mistaken if you think that you will walk less than usual, spending most of your time in your hired car. You need to buy a pair of good footwear to keep your feet comfortable and in good condition.

During the summer, you’d better take a pair of light breathable sandals. Forget about flip-flops. They can’t protect your feet from dust and corns.

If you prefer sports style you can wear trainers or sneakers. Make sure they are good quality and breathing materials.

For Information:

No Sunday shopping in Munich!

Yes, Munich is full of interesting places, including shops and shopping centers. If you forgot a T-shirt or a sweater, you can easily buy it on arrival. But be aware that all stores – including supermarkets – are closed on Sundays. Make sure you bought food, clothes, and toiletries on Friday or Saturday. The nearest emergency supermarket is usually situated in the airport.