5 Outdoor Jobs to Keep You Busy This Summer


If you are a student who may be looking for a summer job or perhaps someone else who just wants to earn some extra money while enjoying the great outdoors, there are plenty of jobs that can keep you quite busy over the summer. Whether you want a job that is physically demanding or one that just has you outside enjoying the sunshine, you’ve got your pick of some great opportunities. If you’re curious about which jobs you may want to pursue, here are five you should consider.


If you are an excellent swimmer and want a job where you can help others avoid potentially life-threatening situations, consider being a lifeguard. Along with getting valuable training in first aid, CPR, and other rescue techniques, you’ll get to soak up the rays and never have a dull moment on the job. Make sure to read the job listing carefully when applying, as this type of job gives you a lot of responsibility. Along with that, be sure to pay careful attention during your introductory training.

This is a fun job that will build up your skills. Strong swimming skills and resuscitation know-how is always a plus. Since many lifeguard jobs are outdoors, be sure to keep a steady supply of sunscreen on hand! This might not be a resume builder, but it is excellent for active individuals and students.


If you don’t mind working up a sweat during the summer, many construction jobs are almost always available during the summer months. Most often, these are laborer jobs on construction sites, where you may be doing everything from cleaning up the site to digging ditches or carrying heavy tools and materials here and there. While you may be tired at the end of the day, you’ll be paid well for your efforts. As an added bonus, the physical aspect of construction jobs will sculpt your body. You can easily get a full workout while on the job, saving you the time and cost of a trip to the gym.

This one type of job that is great for you resume. With a summer working with a construction crew, you can then go onto apply for more permanent positions. You can keep at it if you like the day-to-day tasks and the pay that goes with it. If you want to progress, you next step would be a supervisory position, management, or even starting your own company.

Golf Course Maintenance

In this job, you could be mowing fairways, raking sand traps, picking up balls on the driving range, or even working on golf carts to keep them running smoothly. Best of all, these jobs often come with free golf privileges, meaning you can grab your clubs after you clock out and get in nine holes before you go home. Not to mention, you can meet people with similar interests. If you are passionate about golf, you will not only be the ideal candidate to hire, but you will find a job you love to do.

This is a great job for before or after school or during summer break. Because golf courses are well-irrigated and shaded, you shouldn’t need to worry about the summer heat too much. Like with the most of the jobs on this list, be sure to protect yourself from UV rays.

Hiking Guide

At many state and national parks, hiking guides are employed to help summer tourists navigate the many trails they like to hike when on vacation. In this job, you will not only get to be outdoors all the time, but also meet people from all over the world as you help them enjoy themselves.

If you are familiar with local trails, you already have an advantage in your application. Let the hiring team know that you are physically fit, that you have the experience needed, and that you have the appropriate attire to maximize your chance. Hopefully, you will also be able to learn about local vegetation and wildlife on the job! It’s a great way to make the most of your summer while saving up some money.

Camp Counselor

Finally, if you particularly enjoy working with kids, you can be a counselor at a summer camp. If you take this job, you’ll be helping kids as they enjoy all types of activities. Some days, you may be taking the kids on a horseback ride. Other days, you may be involved in a game of volleyball or other sporting activity. You might even be asked to organize events and activities on your own.

This is a job ideal for creative and upbeat individuals. If you are comfortable leading a chorus in a camp song while walking through the woods, treating minor injuries, and roughing it in the wilderness, this is the job for your summer break.


No matter which of these jobs you choose, it will be certain your summer will have you working in a job that is anything but dull. While some jobs are ideal for just the summer, many of these ideas listed will be great resume builders for the future. Get as much job experience as you can while you have the free time during summer breaks! Even if your career doesn’t end up being related to your summer job, the soft skills you will learn will make the experience worth it. Having a pay check for the summer months doesn’t hurt anything either.