When to Hire a Construction Attorney


The construction industry is one of the largest industries in the whole world. Every year a great number of construction projects are done all over the globe. And for things to run smoothly and successfully on a construction site, having the right information is key. Having a construction attorney, who has all the legal information and advice, on your side is also highly important. 

Who are construction attorneys and what’s their job?

Construction attorneys are experts on everything related to construction laws and contracts. Their job is to give legal advice and provide legal representation concerning construction projects and buildings.

Construction companies are often made up of multiple parties at the same time, and due to that, construction disputes can be extremely complicated. That’s why construction attorneys are essential to construction companies.

Construction attorneys can not only represent large construction companies, but also property owners, individual workers, or other people related to the construction company. There are many reasons why a construction attorney may be needed, disputes are merely one of them. 

Let’s see when is the best time to hire a construction attorney.

To handle paperwork

Improperly handling paperwork can lead to a large number of mistakes, and mistakes lead to problems and headaches. That’s why many people hate paperwork with passion. Thankfully, this is where hiring a construction attorney can be very useful.

Many construction attorneys like CCS Legal, provide advice and help with drafting contracts, and providing necessary licenses, regulations, and permits. 

When it comes to contracts, an attorney can make sure your interests are protected and that there are no hidden or problematic contract clauses. As for licenses, permits, and regulations, no one knows how to fulfill legal requirements better than a construction lawyer.

To do negotiations

Construction and construction projects rely heavily on good negotiation. This negotiation process is there to allow all the parties with conflicting interests to come to some sort of compromise and make an acceptable agreement. Also, the negotiation process is crucial because it outlines the structure and plan of a contract. 

Of course, no one can negotiate better than experienced construction attorneys. Not only can they help you come to an agreement that is favorable to you but also they give you the chance to do other important things and not worry about negotiation.

To deal with dispute resolution

Many construction companies hire attorneys to help them avoid disputes. Disputes are very common in the world of construction and having an attorney to either represent you in court or help you manage and avoid disputes is always a good idea.

Some of the most common construction disputes that you can come across include claims of poor construction quality, contract errors and poor contract administration, conflicts over construction delays, nonpayment of claims, nonconformity of contractual obligations, and so on.

To avoid legal problems

With so many people working on a construction project, the chances of someone getting injured are very high. Problems of this kind or any other legal problems may arise on a construction site. This type of legal liability can lead your company to a lot of exposure. 

A construction attorney can be of great help in these instances. With a good attorney on your side, you can avoid exposure and legal problems. And in case something does get to court, your attorney will be there to represent you and defend your interests.

To help with construction finance

One of the job construction attorneys are also good at has to do with finances. A construction attorney can represent lenders and borrowers, they can help with preparing loan documents and even advising both contractors and property owners when agreeing with landers.

All this is possible because construction attorneys understand construction finance.

To help you with project administration

In some cases, construction attorneys carry out construction training. The on-site construction training helps contractors and construction firms avoid legal problems. 

And since legal problems can be quite costly, contractors often hire attorneys to advise them before making any important decisions. Even in cases when problems happen during construction projects, firms hire construction attorneys to help them resolve problems before they turn into large legal headaches.

To analyze your court cases

In the world of construction, it’s not uncommon for a firm or constructor to end up in court. In these situations, having an attorney can save you a lot of time. The attorney’s job is to analyze your situation and tell you all the possible outcomes of the case.

Once you have your court case analyzed, it will be easier for you to make a decision whether the case is worth fighting or not. This will not only save you time but money and effort as well. 

Of course, the analyzing process will be long and sometimes complicated, but it will ultimately be worth it as you won’t have to waste unnecessary resources.


There’s no constructor or construction firm that doesn’t have a reliable construction attorney. As you can see, having an attorney’s help on your side can save you a lot of time and money. So, hiring a construction attorney from the get-go is a very wise idea.