5 things you should do before moving into a new home


Moving into your new house is certainly something worth celebrating! All the paperwork is done, your stuff is all there, and you can begin planning your future and enjoy the fruits of your labour. New home = new you! It’s easy to get lost in the excitement, but before you pop the champagne open, there are some nitpicks to be done. Like when you break in your new shoes, your new home needs minor details before you are set-set and 100% done. So put that champagne in the fridge, and let’s start!

1. Schedule a cleaning

Whether your new home is freshly built or the previous tenants have left, there’s dirt to be found. An empty home, for whatever time, is a magnet for dirt. You want to put all of your new items on clean surfaces, and during the whole moving process, you’ve probably got exhausted. Scheduling a house cleaning company buys you time and energy to plan for more important aspects in the final steps of your move-in. 

Or you can roll up your sleeves and get the job done yourself. It is your home, and cleaning it from top to bottom will let you experience it first-hand and start the bonding process. You can clean one room and then move all the furniture inside, switch to a new one, and so on. Rinse and repeat until you are done!

2. A quick paint job

For whatever reason, you can change your mind about the colour palette of your new home. It’s still completely fine and ok to change your mind, and it’s never too late. What you need to do, is to stop moving furniture and use this ideal downtime to schedule a home paint job. Most companies would jump on the wagon to work in an empty and fresh environment. As your furniture and other stuff are not in the way, there is less hustle and obstacles for workers to paint.

3. Security

Everything in the volatile Australian market has its price. Your home certainly had one, the entire move was a significant item in your budget, and the list goes on. What does not have a price is the safety and security of your family. It’s standard procedure to change the locks on all doors and windows when you move in. While previous owners and tenants can guarantee they’ve returned the keys and that the locks are fresh, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Reaching out to a licensed and pro locksmith from Sydney gets the job done in no time. With a new home, you need new keys to start the next part of your journey with peace of mind.

4. Update your info

You and your immediate friends and family know where your new home is but all other services are still in the loop. All those subscriptions and newsletters need to be updated, or you will still pay for something you are not receiving. Utilities are at the top of the list, and you can change your address with a simple phone call while you are moving. It’s not the end of the world if some magazine subscription falls thru the cracks. Moreso, it will reveal what subscription you may not even need as you’ve forgotten about it.

5. Prepare for empathy

Moving into your new home is exciting and invigorating for you, which is great, but your pets and children may need some help to get on the same page as you are. Children react differently to change, and they will need some support in this transition process. Get your kids involved as much as you can, while you move into your new home! Get them to pick the paints in their new rooms, have them organise the furniture where they wish and spend as much time as you can with them during the move. While all those boxes and items are going everywhere, with people buzzing left and right, it’s easy to get lost and neglect your kids. 

Taking time to sit with them, talk and make the most fun out of the situation will ease the transition. If they are still little, we suggest sleeping in their rooms for a few days, once the move is done. That will help and allow for empathy, and you can make a slumber party to keep things interesting! The same goes for your cats and dogs. They will need about a month to adapt to the new surroundings, so be patient and forgiving during this period!


A new home represents an important milestone in anyone’s life! It opens up possibilities and chances for you to start anew and fresh. Before your start, the next chapter, taking care of the small but important things will smoothen the ride along the way. The sooner you iron out the details, the sooner your stuff gets moved in, and you can pop open that champagne in the fridge! We wish you all the best!