How To Make Friends In a New City


When we were much younger, making friends seemed like the easiest thing to do. With so much experience and confidence in making friends and finding communities at a young age, why does it seem so difficult to make friends as adults? Sometimes we don’t have to make new friends and the friends we made in childhood stick with us throughout our lifetimes. Whilst this is a great achievement, moving to a new city where you have no social connections can be daunting. You simply have no choice but to put yourself out there and meet new people. Adapting to the new environment as well as meeting new people can be overwhelming but getting over your fears and diving into the new feelings is the best way to tackle any anxiety.


There is no one successful route to making new friends. Something works best for others that may not work for you. The beauty of making new friends in the city is that you are likely not the only new person there, and you also have multiple methods to try and test when meeting new people. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the most favoured ways of making friends when moving to a new environment that will likely help you on your journey of finding a network of people you love to spend time with. 


Be open to new friendship groups


First things first, if you are coming from a small town where everyone knows each other, you need to open yourself up to new people and experiences. For some, this is very easy. Others find it extremely difficult to expand and be open to new friendship groups. This doesn’t mean to say you have to detach from your previous friendships but understand no two people are the same and you will not find the exact type [e of people you would expect to be friends with. Be open to new friendships and the rest will follow. 


Join Facebook groups


You will be surprised at how many Facebook groups exist for the sole purpose of meeting new people as a new-be in a new city. Join Facebook groups that are specific to the area you are living in. This can be as simple as joining a football fan group for the area you are living in, or even joining a group of like-minded people who wish to meet up for group runs in your area. There are so many groups to explore. Step out of your comfort zone and join groups such as specific hobbies you are looking to take part in, or ones you are interested in getting started in.


Go to language classes in the area 


This is mainly for people who have moved to a new city in which the language spoken is not their first language. If you have moved to a completely new city which differs in language and culture, it might feel even harder to make connections. The best place to find like-minded and same-language-speaking people is at local language-speaking classes. Finding people who are also foreigners like you in this new city will appreciate meeting new people as much as you. Even if you don’t meet people you connect with, the language classes will give you the leverage to connect with people who speak the language you have learnt!


Connect with friends of friends 


Meeting with friends of friends is a great way to create new friendships through your existing contacts. If your friends have connections that are likewise living in the new environment you have moved to, consider meeting up with them. You already have a shared interest in the person you are connected to, there are likely similarities in your interests and what you appreciate in a good friend. Ask your close friends and family if they know anyone who lives in the city you are moving to, and make the effort to connect with them and see if they would like to meet up.


Follow your hobbies and friends will follow


When moving to a new city, it is important to not lose sight of yourself. As much as it is important to meet new people, you should also prioritise doing things that you loved when you lived back home. This can be anything from sports activities to book clubs which you used to attend. Find new groups and activities for the thing you love in your city, and you will likely meet friends just by doing this. Not only will you be doing what you love which can ultimately make you feel more comfortable, you will meet like-minded people who share the same interests as you.


Join hiking groups 


Living in a city can sometimes feel like you are living in a concrete jungle. If you are the type of person to love being outdoors and going for hikes, you might consider joining a hiking group. This group of people will arrange for different activities outdoors, and you will all commute to the destination together. This is also a safer way to get in exercise instead of being outdoors alone, so check online for any hiking groups in your local area.


Try out a speed-friend meeting event 


Much like speed dating, friendship speed dating is just as effective at introducing you to new people. These are organised events and their sole purpose is for people to make new connections and find communities for them to be a part of. They are a great way to combat loneliness when living in a new city, and there are multiple events taking place in most cities. Search for your local speed friendship dating events to find the group you have been looking for.


Become a regular at a local cafe 


Local cafes are a hub for friendly interactions and discussions. People meet all the time in cafes, and being a regular at a specific location is great if you want to subtly become friends with the other regulars. Visit your local cafe every day at the same time and enjoy sitting alone in peace. Approach someone who is likewise sitting alone and spark conversation based on what they are doing or how much you likewise love the cafe you are in.


Go to a bar 


You do not have to visit a bar in one of your favourite bodycon dresses to meet a romantic partner. Going to bars is also a good place to establish new friendships. Assuming that you are not getting drunk and you also visit with someone you know to ensure you are safe, you can meet new people who will become friends for life in the liveliest or quietest of bars.


Bottom line 


Overall, making new friends in a new city can be easy as long as you put yourself out there. Step out of your comfort zone and join new groups and communities to establish friendships that will last a lifetime.