How To Stage Your Home For Real Estate Photography


Nowadays, the real estate market has changed immeasurably, compared to what it was in the past. Now, people don’t look to buy potential homes in shop windows and in newspaper advertisements – most people look for homes on the Internet. The quality of home pictures has also changed in recent years, and having high-quality pictures of your home is more important than ever. 


Real estate photography is one of the most important parts of selling your home in the modern housing market. These photos will act as advertising for your home online, so they need to look great. There are many ways you can ensure that this home photography is the best you can make it, so when people view your home on your estate agent’s website, they will see it in the best light. You don’t need a professional home stager and photographer to make these photos look great – there are many ways in which you can do your own real estate photography, and still make it look great!

Choose The Right Time of Day 

One of the most important parts of staging great real estate photography is to choose the right time of day. If you take the photographs too early in the morning or too late in the evening, the amount of natural light that enters your home will be limited. The best time to take real estate photography is definitely between noon and 4 PM. During these times, the sun is at its highest, and you will get the best amount of natural daylight in your home, which is perfect for making your home look bright and welcoming in pictures. 

Clean All Windows

Optimising natural light can also be made easier by deep cleaning all of the windows in your home, both on the inside and outside. If the windows in your home are dirty, foggy or obscured by marks, you won’t receive as much natural light as possible. Make sure to clean all of your windows thoroughly. Furthermore, dirty windows show up really easily in photographs and can make your home look untidy and not well-kept. This can massively affect how many people want to come and view your home, so you should definitely clean your windows before taking real estate photography.

Tidy The Outside Of Your Home

Your curb appeal is important for two reasons – the exterior of your home will often be the first thing viewers see in person, and also the first picture they see on your estate agent’s website. Therefore, it’s important that the outside of your home looks as beautiful and tidy as possible. Deep clean and pressure wash your bricks and paving stones, and if you have a front garden, make sure that this is well cared for. Mow any lawns, and trim any hedges or bushes to make them look neat. You should also consider repainting your front door or window frames if these are looking a little worse for wear. 

Add Natural Influences

One quick way you can make your interiors look brighter and fresher is to add natural influences to your decor and interior design. Fresh flowers and potted plants are one of the best ways you can breathe life into your property, and this is true for both in-person viewings and pictures. If you have a very neutral home, adding plants and flowers is a great way to make your real estate photography look more dynamic and interesting, and be eye-catching on the website. 

Hide Any Blemishes

In any property, there will always be areas that aren’t so eye-catching or attractive to potential buyers. For example, one of the carpets may have a slight tear, or there may be a small chip on the wooden floors. These blemishes are an ordinary part of everyday home living and don’t always warrant a mass renovation. However, hiding these blemishes on your real estate photography is one of the best ways you can optimise the images that will advertise your home. Arrange your furniture to hide these small blemishes, and stage the angles of your photographs to hide them from view. 

Declutter Every Room

Many people don’t move out completely before they put their home on the market, particularly if they have children, or anticipate a slow sale. Therefore, many people take their real estate photography with all of their items and furniture still on the property. This isn’t always a bad thing on the market, as people like to envision homes with life and vitality and imagine themselves living there. However, make sure to remove any clutter and make your rooms as neat and tidy as possible, especially kids’ rooms. This way, your home will look great in photographs without removing all of your furniture. 

Pay Close Attention To Corners

It’s a given that you should deep clean your home before taking real estate photography – however, many people miss corners and ‘hard to get’ areas. Many people forget to dust in the corners of ceilings, behind radiators and under furniture. However, this can often be very noticeable in photography and make it less likely that potential buyers will want to view your home. In order to make sure that your real estate photography looks professional and shows your home in the best possible light, pay close attention to your cleaning and ensure every part of your home is cleaned properly. 

Set The Scene 

One of the best ways you can improve your real estate photography is to ‘set the scene,’ or stage your home to look more welcoming and inviting. For example, moving and rearranging your furniture to make the space look more spacious is one of the best ways you can make your home more attractive in photographs. Adding a few homeware items such as well-placed ornaments and books on your coffee tables can make your home look more inviting and ‘lived-in’, which can make buyers more likely to view your home positively. Just making a few small changes to your interior design can make your home’s real estate photography look far better. 

Add Finishing Touches 

By just adding a few finishing touches to your home design, you can make your home’s photography look more interesting. For example, by just adding a few paintings to your walls or some luxury cushion sets to your couch, you can elevate the look of your home and make your photography look more interesting. Adding a few luxury finishes to your home can make it more eye-catching and appealing, and make potential buyers more likely to want a viewing. 


Staging your home’s real estate photography is one of the best ways to improve your likelihood of a quick sale, and entice potential buyers into organising a viewing. Your home’s photography is a form of advertising for your home, so you want it to be the best you can be. Stage your home to produce great real estate photos, so you can sell your home as quickly as possible!