The Perfect Guide To A Successful Hiking Trip


Hiking is a great form of exercise whilst enjoying the wild outdoors. However, packing for a weekend hiking trip is not easy. There are so many things you need to help you survive. 

Hiking is arguably the most stressful form of exercise because there is so much that can go wrong. If you are going for a day, you will be much safer however, if you are going for a weekend, there is a lot you need to bring. The easy option would be to hop into an RV and go on a road trip but where is the fun in that? 

Not only is hiking a great way to enjoy exercising but it is a great way to get your vitamin D. It is a very creative way to keep yourself fit whilst mentally challenging yourself. There are so many benefits to hiking that we can’t explain until you experience it yourself.

The first hiking trip can get your adrenaline going, especially if it’s a long weekend. Furthermore, you never know what to expect from the weather, so you must prepare for the worst. 

For your hiking trip, there are many things you need to bring with you. A short hike only requires a couple of bottles of water for your journey up and back down. You also need to make sure you bring snacks along the way and wear the appropriate clothes for your journey. Nevertheless, if you are planning a long hike, there are many things you must have with you to ensure you stay energised.

How To Pick The Perfect Backpack

Picking the perfect backpack for your hiking trip is essential because it needs to be big enough for the important items. The more challenging your hikes are, the better quality backpack you need. The perfect hiking bag needs to be very large and waterproof. There are many places where you can get a good quality backpack. Go Outdoors and Amazon both have great backpacks for your adventurous hiking trip. 

What Are The Essential Items For A HikingTrip?

As mentioned earlier, hiking is one of the most stressful forms of exercise. The reason why is because you need many items that will be the key to your survival and we are not being dramatic there.

Water Bottle

The first item on your list is a water bottle. Make sure you have a 2L bottle of water with you as you will need water on the way up and on the way down. It is advised that you drink two litres of water a day when exercising, so you must bring some water purifying tablets for your trip. That way, you can refill your water bottle whenever you need to and the purifying tablets will clean that water so it is drinkable. 

If your hiking trip is only for a full day, all you need is two one-litre bottles. One for the way up and one for the trip back down. You also need to make sure you have plenty of water because it can get very hot under all those clothes. Plus, when you get towards the top, you will certainly feel the heat even more. 


One thing that we can guarantee on your trip is that you won’t have any signal. Therefore, you will struggle to navigate yourself around the hills/mountains. That is why you will need a map for your travels. Make sure you or whoever you go with is capable of reading a map as well. This is a good skill to have, especially on those weekend-long hiking trips. 

Snacks For Your Journey

Food is another important item for your journey and you need a lot of it. If you don’t have enough food, you will fatigue and struggle to make it to the top. 

It is advised you consume around 200 calories per hour on your hiking trip. That way, you are ensuring you have a substantial amount of food to provide your body with the right amount of energy you need. 

The foods that you need to bring must require nothing added to them. For example, pots of pasta are no good to you as you will need to add water to these. Foods perfect for your hiking trip include sandwiches, breakfast bars, dried fruit and nuts. Try and bring the most nutritional food possible to keep you energised. 

Sun Protection 

As mentioned before, you will get quite close to the sun on your hiking trip. That is why you must ensure you wear sun protection or else you will get burnt. 

Wear A Lot Of Layers

Just because you are getting closer to the sun doesn’t mean you will stay warm. It can get very cold as you make your way closer to the top of the mountain. You must make sure you wear plenty of layers and if you get too warm, you can always take a couple of layers off. Additionally, if it rains, you must have enough layers to keep you dry. There is no harm in taking extra clothes with you on your journey if you can fit them in your bag. Just make sure you have waterproof pants and a coat to keep you dry when it does rain. 

First Aid Kit

Another essential item for your journey is a first aid kit. You never know what could go wrong during your hiking trip which is why you should always prepare for the worst. For the perfect first aid kit, you must bring plasters, bandages, scissors, antiseptic cream, pins, painkillers, and antihistamines. If there are other essentials you require then make sure to bring them as well.


Another essential item that you must bring with you is a multitool. These don’t take up that much room either so it isn’t completely unnecessary. Just make sure this multitool has all the essentials to keep you safe in the wild.

Appropriate Footwear

You are going to be doing a lot of walking on this trip so therefore, you need appropriate footwear. Hiking isn’t the time to be wearing fashionable trainers. Ensure you buy footwear that provides you with enough ankle support and is waterproof. 

To Conclude

As you can see, there are many essential items for a hiking trip. However, as long as you pack all of these items, you can guarantee your safety for the adventure. Our top tip is not to over-prepare. The reason why is that the weight will not only weigh you down but also slow you down. Just pack the essentials that are required and it will make your trip more efficient and enjoyable. So, put on your favourite adventurous watch band and get yourself out there.