The Impact Of The Globalization On The New Business Setup


Globalization has transformed the world into more significant opportunities and has provided a platform based on the latest ideas and the innovation brought by the role of information technology, transport, and communication in the modern world. We continually hear about global impacts based on the business sector. It leads to the concluding factor that the world is like a global village in which humans are living like wildlife creatures.

Similarly, when the term of the globalization was confronted with the small business, there were a number of changes taking place in the world. These small businesses are concerned with the role of the global economy of the world. It has provided many challenges to the community of the small business.

1. Access to the worldwide market:

One of the most significant impacts is that globalization has had on small business is the fact that every company has an internet connection which has access to the global market. Now, every single consumer can pick his smartphone and order the desired product or the service which is available in the online market. In this way, small business owners can earn a lot of money within a limited period.

2. Remote staffing:

Another significant impact is that new businesses can hire employees from all corners of the world. It is now easier to recruit employees from online websites. Similarly, every needy person can access to the internet with a positive approach. On the other side, the businesses can provide freelance service to those people who are living in far off places. In short, they can be hired quickly.

3. A global market competition:

As the ray of the globalization is increased at a faster pace. More businesses are capturing global market competition. Therefore, there is a higher rate of chances to keep a higher speed of the global market regarding the latest trends and fashion. Similarly, the small business setup or the new business setups have to work and develop the business strategies to expand the size of business. In this way, the new business setups will enter into the global market and will fight with other leading market competitors.

4. A business equalizer:

In the current scenario, the small businesses have single business access to the market tools, business information and access of everything that can lead the company to grow in the faster motion. Similarly, companies like Uber or Careem have gained the most extensive popularity among the huge masses of the country. Therefore, the business world is emerging into the large structure, and the smaller businesses are reaching the heights of the popularity among the people.

5. Greater awareness:

On a lighter note, the businesses want to search for the consumer’s interests and preferences to provide the best services of their company. The team of the customer relationship officer is available to cater to the needs of the customers regarding the market delivery and the refund matters. It indicates that the customers are quite picky about the quality, texture, size, durability, price, and service of a product.

7. Use of the business presentations:

The businesses experts are more cautious of planting the business presentations design online based on the description of the product, service or the proto-system type which could be a scenario, a picture, a diagram or the mockup of a product. The business community organized the systems of the presentations where they discuss the marketing proposals, industry analysis, marketing strategy, operation strategy, and financial planning. It is about the growth of the capital and the stage of the development and the investment plan of the company and last but not the least, the investment of the capital which is needed for the offering and returning of the funds. In the last session of the presentation, the employees of the company provide a summarized version of the proposals to the owner of a company. Then, they have the session of the question and answer sessions. Normally, it is perceived that the total allowable time for presentation and question is perceived to be about 19 minutes. The employees of the company make sure about one thing that the presentation does not exceed up to 15 minutes for the trial session.

In this way, the small business or the new business discusses all the important and healthy matters related to the business infrastructure, market delivery and the broad scope of the investment in the longer run.

8. Increase in Tourism and Travel companies:

Lastly, the huge effect on small businesses has been the explosion of the trade and tourism industry. Similarly, more people in business are traveling the world which has access to cheaper travel. They are expanding their businesses in foreign countries which captures the global market.


It seems that these small businesses are following the way of the globalization that has enabled these companies to attract the global market.