Additional features of a GPS navigation device


GPS navigation device is a rather complicated electronic device equipped with an operating system, a large screen and a powerful processor. By and large, this is an ordinary tablet computer that can and should be used not only for navigation. The choice of the right model depends on the purpose of use. We are going to describe the variations of this device and its features, which are known not to all of its users.


There are several variations of GPS navigator on the market. Such devices could be:

  1. Stationary. This type of device is also called embedded. This category models are behindhand in compactness and lightness. Weight index varies in the range of 0.4-2.3 kg. The package bundle in any case includes fasteners and adapters for external power supply. As a rule, they cannot work with internal batteries. Among the features – a large monitor, extensive functionality, a large amount of memory.

  1. Portable. The portable type of devices is convenient because it is suitable for use in fishing, hunting and sports. Unfortunately, automotive option does not work on the territory of forests, lowlands and moats. Their advantages are compactness, ease of use and functionality. These devices are used to work on the go. Modifications differ completely because of sealed enclosure that protects the navigator against water and dust. It has miniature built-in power sources, which will be very helpful when you are using, for example, car rental la guardia or any other car, unfamiliar for you.
  2. Receivers. Such models are supplied with supports, cables for connection with external charging devices to other navigation devices and to a computer, remote feeders, thereby blurring the line between the first two devices.


Auxiliary functionality

GPS navigation devices are equipped with additional options and then expands the possibility of their operation. The most common options are:

  • availability of DVR;
  • equipment with GSM/GPRS type modules;
  • built-in radar detector or taximeter;
  • availability of devices for measuring climatic conditions and geolocation;
  • the ability to record information;
  • Rear View Camera;
  • traffic jams’ loading;
  • operation with multiple navigation software;
  • remote control.

In addition, in some cases, with an unclear signal, an additional external antenna is connected. The user memorizes the distance traveled due to the Track-back option, which calculates the route. With the help of voice messages, driving is simplified, eliminating the need to follow the picture on the screen. Among the multimedia options are a digital camera, video and MP3 player, FM transmitter.

The three most useful GPS navigation device’s additional features.

  1. Video, music and photo playback

Expensive and average models, as a rule, have support for each popular media format (JPEG, AVI, MP3), which will allow you to spend the time in a traffic jam or while waiting, watching your favorite movie. GPS navigation devices, which have built-in FM-transmitter, let you broadcast sound on the head unit, and therefore listen to it with high-grade car speakers.

  1. Rearview Camera

Some models are supplied with a rearview camera, the image from which is displayed directly on the navigator screen. Such functionality is difficult to overestimate, because parking on narrow streets with its help is much easier and more convenient. Even if your camera is not included at your GPS navigation device, you can purchase and connect it separately – it is only necessary for the device to be equipped with a standard video input (by the way, apart from the camera, you can also connect an external image source – a video camera or a portable DVD player).

  1. Speakerphone

Navigators that enable this function are connected to your phone using the Bluetooth wireless protocol, with which they can be used as a hands-free kit. Especially would appreciate this opportunity the drivers, who do not like ordinary behind-the-ear headsets.


Getting lost in an unfamiliar area is easy, so you need to have a reliable assistant at hand. GPS navigation device is a suitable solution, regardless of the purpose of use, whether it is hunting, fishing, hiking or driving on the highways. Anyway, it is worth choosing devices from well-known manufacturers who have long and seriously proven themselves in this class. They are able to take care of selecting reliable electronic components for your navigator, a modern GPS module, a productive processor and a sufficient amount of memory, which together will ensure comfortable navigation. We also recommend focusing not on the initial models, but on the middle class with an optimal price/performance ratio.