Customer’s Behavior Towards Customized eCommerce Products


With the advent of technological development,the platforms for business have gone through a phase of progression and advancement. E-commerce has emerged as the biggest sole growth driver in the global marketplace. The worldwide B2C and B2B eCommerce sales are increasing exponentially and are expected to cover the maximum market share by soon replacing the conventional market. Customer’s adherence to eCommerce products and their positive behavior towards customization and personalization in cloth line and shoe product line are the initial milestones achieved towards the establishment of successful eCommerce business. Some of the customer’s responses towards customized eCommerce products in clothing are discussed as follows:

Customer’s satisfaction with color customization

Customization is the most lovable feature provided by 30% of the eCommerce platforms. Customers are provided with a variety of designs and they are allowed to get their favorite design in the color of their own choice. Such kind of customization has resolved the issues of innumerable customers who intend to buy clothes for a themed-party, following a color-code for a specific event or getting the most adored dress in their favorite color.

The delight of customized printing on T-shirts

Nowadays, customized text, designs and logos printed on T-Shirts are trendy and common. Customers feel happinessing getting clothes for their kids with their names printed on them. Teenagers are likely to attract by the zodiac signs printed on their clothes. Similarly, famous logos, movie titles and tag lines are commonly used to customize clothes.

Be your own designer by the customized configuration of design

Deployment of interactive software with an attractive user interface on some of the eCommerce platforms provide an opportunity to the keen customers to design their clothes partly or entirely. Customers having thorough dressing and designing sense find this feature enticing. Mostly leather jackets, men suits, female dresses, leather jackets men and trendy suits are subjected to customization. Customers are also fascinated by the customized handmade shoes but it captures 10% out of 25% of product customization share on eCommerce platform.Having a product-builder as per your need is a blessing in itself.

Customization yields enhanced traffic flow on eCommerce platforms

A survey conducted on e-commerce platforms has shown an extensive increase in traffic flow due to notably significant customization characteristic. Customers who once get their customized product from an eCommerce platform are more likely to cling to the website for further purchase and visit the platform more frequently. It is also observed that customization brings serious purchasers on the website where they spend a little more time in interacting with the platform. Therefore, it should not be unfair to say that customization brings loyal customers to a company.

Customer’s benefitted by the choice of fabric and material

There is a class of customers who never compromise over the quality of fabric they wear. Not only they are committed to buying stylish clothes, but also considerate about the material they wear. A custom selection of fabric, accessories and material helps them to satiate their desire of getting high-end products via an eCommerce platform. As a result, customers develop a sound knowledge of a variety of material and feel pride in owning their role and involvement in initial phases of the process of product making.

Availability of outsourcing designing opportunity for customers

Customers are provided with an option to get their leather jackets, made to measure suits and men suits designed by the proficient designers using eCommerce software. They can outsource their design to get it done by a team of experts for accuracy and precision in measurement and design.

Perks of getting made to measure suits

Made to measure suits in men suits category are widely customized using best-fit measurements. A degree of customization allowed for a selected item in size and measurements are a perk for the customer to relish. Customers prefer to have made to measure suits with a little customization due to their cheap rates and desired designs with custom-fitting.

In a nutshell, companies have to pay attention to gauge the overall potential of product customization, considering the never-ending demand for personalization and customization at the customer end.This method of customization is often time and resource-intensive but caters to the customer’s needs effectively and efficiently.Customization at a grassroots level is becoming a necessity and companies should build a powerful product customization tool to offer the best user experience for their eCommerce website users.