What you need to know to secure the Best Quality PR Courses


Public Relations has been a reality in the University for several decades, although the first university studies of Public Relations began in the first half of the twentieth century. Since then the career of Advertising and PR has been appearing in the curricula of practically all the universities and is also one of the most demanded by the new students.

Only for programs that offer degrees or diplomas of Master, Specialist or Expert, the student must be in possession of a degree, diploma, technical engineer, degree or technical architect , degree. The course director may propose that additional specific training requirements be established in some disciplines. Students must present a curriculum vitae of professional experiences that support their ability to follow the course with proficiency and have access to the university according to current regulations.

The student who wishes to enrol in a course of the Postgraduate Public Relations Program without meeting the requirements of access may do so although, in the event of surpassing it, he will not be entitled to the title itself, but to a Certificate of achievement. For the rest of the accreditations or qualifications that could be offered this program (Professional Expert Diploma, Certificate of Open Teaching or Certificate of Professional Update) there are no minimum access requirements, except for the specific ones of each course established by its director.

The modular program is aimed at any student who wants a specific specialization in the subject that arises, especially professionals in Law, Economics and Business, Political Science, Sociology, Information Science, Communication, Marketing, Public Relations, Journalism, Hospitality Tourism, Public Administration Sciences and Administration Technicians at all levels, although any student who in his work environment must develop communication, protocol and public relations tasks and holds the degree of access required by the University.

Companies need professionals like essay mafia who know the techniques of communication, protocol and public relations as a means of achieving a better competitiveness in the globalized economic system. The interrelation of all these elements will promote the image of the company and help it to better channel its lines of intervention in the relationship with its publics and public authorities.

On the other hand, the image of political institutions needs specialists in institutional relations and good technicians in communication and organization of events to achieve an approach to the administered. The objectives of this course are focused on a global preparation that combines communication, protocol and public relations for anyone who performs management or participation in the communication and / or protocol offices of both public and private entities. But it is also allowed that whoever wants to be formed exclusively in protocol.

The justification of the degree from a professional point of view derives from the need of the professional sector to have qualified personnel with university education. The saturation of jobseekers in companies in the sector has motivated that the university degree is already a de facto requirement required for access to employment. In addition, the high rate of change and innovation in the sector requires not only a solid and based training but also a constant updating of contents and methodologies, to adapt the curricula to the changing market reality.

The acquisition by the students of the knowledge and skills exposed becomes a guarantor of adequate professional and academic preparation for their later working life. So that the degree in Advertising and Public Relations can exercise any of the four profiles defined in previous sections, which are:

  • Director of Communication, Researcher and Strategic Consultant in Advertising and Public Relations;
  • Researchers, Planners and Media Buyers;
  • Creative and designer;
  • Corporate communication manager