Are You Locked Out Of Your Car? Or Worse, Stuck With A Broken Key!

Steps To Deal With Broken Key

Are you hating the sight of your locked car right now? Or just cursing your bad memory? In some cases, the culprit who got you in this situation cannot be inquired about it (for example the kids)!

And who is there to blame when the car key broke inside the ignition. Every car owner dreads this situation and has had this experience at some point in their life.

I recently went through this horrible situation as I got locked out in the thunderstorm. The experience urged me to collect related information which can come handy in such a situation.

First things first, the best decision you could make in such a situation is to call a professional for unlocking or broken key replacement in Chandler, Arizona.

Relying on experts is the right way out but there are other situations when you just need to get done with it on your own. Whatever your reason might be, I am sharing a few safe ways to try your luck in unlocking.

  1. Use A Coat Hanger

A rigid metal wire would be required to attempt unlocking. A coat hanger is a quite accessible item which can be molded to get the wire or it may be used as it is.

The straight wire must have a 2-3 inches long hook at the end. Insert the wire between the car weather stripping and the glass. Be very patient now. Let the hook engage the lever of the lock.

Once you have gotten to the lever, rotate the wire towards the window of the car at the angle of 90O. Right hooking would cause the lock to jiggle. As you see it jiggling, pull the lever arm up and you are good to go.

  1. Use A Wedge

The most recommended wedge to push open some space between door and car is an inflatable wedge. Slip it in the small gap and inflate it. The increased gap would allow you to reach the unlocking button.

Again, straight rigid wire with a hook is required to get to the button. Slowly and steadily reach the button and press it.

  1. Use A Paracord

A paracord can be used to open the vertical manual locks. A pair of shoelaces would come in handy. In the center, tie a slipknot.

Slightly pull the door and insert the slipknot through the gap. Slowly slip the cord into the door jamb to reach the lock. Patiently work to hook the knot into the lock.

As you get it engaged, pull both the ends of cords to tighten the cord around it. Once it is secure around it, pull it upwards.

  1. Use A Lock Picking Tool

Keeping a lock picking tool at your home lets you deal with annoying situations. It is most applicable if you are trained to use them.

Steps To Deal With Broken Key

Another annoying scenario for a car owner is a broken key. It is not necessary that only older keys break. Even a new key can break especially it fell down earlier or faced some impact. Here a few steps to deal with the broken car key.

  1. Avoid Pushing The Broken Key Further

Most of us panic and try reinserting the remaining portion of the key. Avoid this mistake at all costs. This can push down the broken piece further making the situation worse. it might damage the whole lock and you will end up paying for replacing the whole lock instead of requesting for key replacement.

  1. Use A Tweezer

If you are a female stuck in such a situation, your purse might have the rescue. A car toolbox often has a tweezer. Make sure you clearly see the insides of lock and the broken piece before you push the tweezer inside. You can use a flashlight or mobile torch. Carefully insert the tweezer, hold the piece and pull it outside.

  1. Probe And Pull

If you do not have tweezers, you may use metal strips to make a probe. The precautionary measures are the same as with the tweezer. Steadily insert the probe to hold and pull out the broken key part.

  1. Use Broken Key Extractors

This might seem out of the box but such equipment exists and is available at quite affordable prices. This could extract the key within minutes and you are good to go.

Why A Professional Locksmith Is A Reliable Choice?

After all the DIY methods, let me re-emphasize the importance of a professional locksmith. Two of the greatest concerns about hiring a professional locksmith are about safety and time consumed to reach the location.

A reputable and competent locksmith company will be well versed with all the nearby geographical locations. Request the license for your safety. A local locksmith is the best option as they know where to reach within no time.

The professional locksmiths are properly trained to unlock car doors or deal with expensive cars and Jaguar keys. The expertise and experience allow them to solve problems for you within minutes.


Author: Justin is an experienced house remodeling contractor, and has been in this business for more than a decade. He is very enthusiastic about his work and keeps himself updated by the latest home improvement trend.