About the benefit of anti-rain agents


Each owner of the car knows the fact that no matter how you look after your favorite car, but after a few years various signs of mechanical damage appear on the body. It can be small scratches, a slightly faded color. As the paint essentially performs a protective function for the car body, it is necessary to apply hydrophobic coatings for cars so that the paint does not to lose its appearance and properties.

A hydrophobic agent is one of the ceramic nanoparticles. This chemical substance is made on the basis of liquid waxes. They act as a water-repellent substance, due to which they serve as a protective layer for the surface. Using a hydrophobic agent, you are able not only protect the surface from water, but also from dirt. Using them, you can save quite large amount of money.

Types of nanoceramics:

  1. Nano car coating

Due to its hydrophobicity, it provides protection for the car body from any kind of dirt, corrosion, light scratches, chemical and weather influences. By applying this protection to the wheels of a car, you will get cleanliness and protection from dirt for a long time. Dirt will literally bounce off, even as corrosive as dust from brake pads. Ceramic body protection is more durable, more reliable and looks nicely than liquid glass treatment. Moreover, due to the longer service life, it will simply cost less. With proper care for the car, a ceramic protective coating can serve several years after treatment with nanoceramics. It is possible to remove it ahead of schedule only by polishing.

  1. The Anti-Rain effect

When you apply a nanoceramic composition to a windshield, at a vehicle speed 50 km or more – the water simply does not have time to linger on the glass, and the wipers work much less frequently, saving a resource while preserving the glass itself. The anti-rain hydrophobic coating on the rear and side windows of the car will also be useful, as visibility in rainy weather will improve significantly.

Modern manufacturers offer a large number of care products. Among them, you can find products on a wax, silicone base or in solid form. The above species are not a complete list. In fact, there are many more. These are the most commonly used remedies.


Before you buy them for your car, you need to understand how to choose the right one. The hydrophobic agent must meet the following requirements:

  • Reliability. They must guarantee reliability in terms of protecting the car body from minor mechanical damage. As well as from moisture and pollution.
  • Toxicity level. One of the main requirements is security. Therefore, such an agent should be non-toxic.

According to the principle of action, products are distinguished by several positions, which, although slightly, differ from each other:

  • Agents with the action of penetrating liquid. Such a product penetrates the paint layer and crystallizes inside. It performs the flint coating option. They are available in the form of a spray, which makes their use convenient and easy.
  • Agents that perform the option of a protective layer without penetration. As a rule, they are applied to the car body with a thin layer and are evenly rubbed on it. Of course, compared with previous agents, such a membrane could be kept only for a short time. However, the price of this option is also low. An example of this type is a wax coating.

Why is it necessary to use anti-rain agent?

The anti-rain compounds are applied to car windows, making them hydrophobic. What does it give? Firstly, the water that gets on the treated glass does not fix on it, but rolls off under the influence of gravity or wind. Secondly, the formation of large droplets, which impede the visibility of the driver, will be excluded. Thirdly, the contamination of the glass with solid particles of dust, transferred by drops, is reduced.

A drop of water, falling on glass, breaks into small droplets and is carried away by a stream of air or under the action of gravity, without leaving wetted surfaces on the glass. This way, the glass cleans itself and dries up. In practice, this allows the wipers not to be switched on at all with little rain, and with heavy rain most of the surface has higher transparency, since it does not wet and it self-cleans. Naturally, this makes driving easier and reduces driver fatigue. Particularly noticeable is the repulsive effect on the side and rear windows of the car, on which there are no special devices for cleaning from dirt.


The transparency of the glass, the clarity of what the driver sees and the absence of glare and pollution – these are the basic requirements for the windshield of a car. All this is important so that the driver can quickly and correctly assess the traffic situation and make the only right decision. Any traffic situation, if the driver’s visibility is in any way difficult, is a priori emergency. A clear overview is the key to security. For example, it is prohibited to operate the car with faulty wiper blades, and this is correct: after all, a deterioration in visibility, for example, after coming across a puddle, can provoke an accident. That is why any means of car chemistry, which will improve driving safety, is welcome. If you care about the save trips, hire luxury car rental Dayton OH and you will get high-quality cars, which will settle your nerves on the USA tangled roads.