Great Family Car: 5 Crossovers with the Largest Trunk Space


Crossovers are traditionally popular among people who often go on a picnic, as well as have long-distance trips. Such travelers are used to using the car everywhere, because it’s very convenient. For example, if you want to visit Ottawa in Canada, then just pick up a car rental Bells Corners, and a crossover will be the best choice, especially if you are traveling with the whole family and with a lot of things.

For family travelers, automakers produce models with a spacious luggage compartment, which will have enough space for sports equipment, tents, and suitcases. We represent a several most prominent representatives of the crossovers, and during the review you will find out which of them has the largest trunk space.

Cadillac SRX (827 liters, 1,730 liters with seats removed)

Let’s start the comparison of the trunk among crossovers with one of the most popular, comfortable and ergonomic American cars. This is a mid-size crossover, solid inside and outside, whose forms are smooth, and the interior is trimmed with expensive materials.

At the heart of the American there are 2 power units to choose from: a 3-liter or 3.6-liter petrol engine with an automatic transmission. The owners note the impressive power reserve of the car and the soft suspension. With a low ground clearance of 20 centimeters and a too low front overhang, the car has excellent aerodynamic characteristics. The suspension is quite comfortable, and the fuel consumption in urban mode is up to 23 liters per 100 km. All this makes the car a great choice for a family journey.


Audi Q7 (890 liters, 2,075 liters with the seats removed)

This 7-seat German handsome is a full-size crossover, which has the whole list of advantages. The trunk has the ability to open and close automatically – just hold the foot under the bumper, so that the sensors read the command. The engine range, just like the previous competitor, is represented by two options: petrol 3-liter unit with 333 hps and diesel 3-liter motor with 249 hps.

The first one accelerates the car to 100 km in 6.1 seconds, the second – in 6.9 seconds. With air suspension, even at a speed of 200 km/h you realize that this is absolutely not the limit for a 2-ton monster. The only significant disadvantage of an almost perfect car is its average cost – $58,600.


Chevrolet Equinox (892 liters, 1,804 liters with the seats removed)

Despite the fact that this crossover belongs to the budget class, it doesn’t look like that. Designers very thoughtfully approached the appearance, making it modern and brutal.

You can find fault with the interior in the context of too much plastic in the finishing. The dimensions of the car are such that in it a person of average height can be in a standing position, only slightly bending his head.

After sitting down, you can quite comfortably throw your legs on the torpedo. In the new generation, the American got two petrol engines: 2.4-liter 182-hps unit and 3.6-liter 301-hps motor. Even during the impetuous drive on the most powerful engine, it’s felt that the car still has a power reserve.


Volvo XC 90 (936 liters, 1,899 liters with the seats removed)

Car owners have long appreciated the reliability, concise image and safety of the Swedish crossover. Due to the latest quality, the European Committee for the conduct of crash tests gave the model a record 37 points for the level of driver and pedestrian safety.

Not the biggest trunk of the crossover is compensated by the fact that, thanks to the folded seats, you can put even 2.2-meters-long objects in the compartment. The whole car is designed to provide maximum space and comfort to the driver and passengers. The range of engines in the model is diverse:

  • 2-liter diesel 225-hps motor, consuming 5.8 liters of fuel per 100 km;
  • 2-liter petrol 320-hps engine, consuming 7.7 liters/100 km;
  • 2-liter hybrid 320-hps power unit, which requires only 2.1 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers.

The car’s interior is flawless even in the most budget version – the driver won’t have any complaints about the quality of the finish or the materials used.


Toyota Venza (975 liters, 1,988 liters with the seats removed)

This brand needs no introduction, and no unnecessary compliments – it shows the years of proven Japanese quality.

The name speaks for itself – the car is designed for active people, for long journeys and for use in different conditions. Comfortable 7-seater lounge for a large family or company of like-minded people, as well as a fantastic size trunk help in the performance of its duties.

Perfectly executed salon is strict and restrained, but functional and ergonomic. This is a crossover with a large trunk, where, with the rear seats removed, you can even comfortably sleep. Although the owners express the wish that the manufacturer equip the compartment with any fasteners or straps to firmly hold the load. In the car market, the model is presented with a single petrol 2.7-liter 185-hps engine that consumes about 10 liters/100 km in mixed mode.